Gallery of Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Artwork from Pixiv

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The popular card game Yu-Gi-Oh! stemmed from an original concept named Duel Monsters. This eventually turned from a manga series into an anime which gained a lot of attention. The Japanese “season zero” is much darker and focuses less on the card game(which was made afterwards). But the entire series & TCG has become very popular around the world.

Pixiv is a social network for artists to publish their drawings and digital works. The community is centered in Japan and thus focuses mostly on Japanese submissions. These also tend to be the most obscure, unique, and captivating pieces of fan artwork. In this showcase I put together 40 brilliant pieces of Yu-Gi-Oh! fan artwork centering around the original anime show. Fans who love the series will truly enjoy this collection of nostalgic art pieces reminiscent of the early days in Yu-Gi-Oh!’s history.


yugi joey tristan duke devlin studying ygo

Up Late

duke devlin tristan honda working artwork

Egyptian Gods

yugi kaiba egyptian gods slifer obelisk

Gather Together

kaiba yugi bakura king of games artwork

King of Games

yugi muto king of games yugioh artwork

Atem & Yugi

yami yugi atem pharaoh puzzle fanart

Ryo & Yami Bakura

ryo bakura millenium ring spirit yami artwork

Marik Ishtar & Yami Marik

yami marik ishtar spirit millenium rod artwork

Henry Tudor Portrait

duelist roses artwork henry tudor yugi fanart

Motion in the Static

yugi atem duelist duel disk ygo fanart


seto kaiba corp duel disk battle city artwork

Visiting Toon World

maximillion pegasus toon world fanart

Ice Cream Time

pegasus toon world duel monsters fanart

Magician of Black Chaos

magician of black chaos fanart duel monster

City Shopping

joey wheeler mai valentine dating shopping


osiris slifer sky dragon god card yugioh fanart

The Duel King

atem yami yugi duel disk duelist fanart

The Forbidden One

exodia forbidden one yugioh card image

Chess Players

tea gardner seto kaiba chess board

Weevil Underwood

weevil underwood yugioh bugs green duel monsters

Host Vessel

bakura millenium ring spirit host body fanart

A Worthy Opponent

seto kaiba vs yugi muto duelists rivals fanart

Ishizu Ishtar

yugi muto ishizu millenium items blue eyes fanart

Black Inferno

dark magician girl and black paladin fanart

Cute Magician Girl

dark black magician girl yugioh fanart


black magician girl custom fan artwork costume

The Crew

joey wheeler tristan taylor yugi and duke devlin

The Ties of Friendship

pegasus legendary dragons ties friendship card


blue eyes white dragon moonlight artwork

Kaiba and his Blue Eyes

kaiba corporation president blue eyes dragon

The Three Musketeers

friends tristan joey duke devlin ygo fanart

Strike Ninja

duke devlin duel disk monsters fanart

Kuriboh Cushion

yugi muto sitting on kuriboh duel monsters

Yugi + Anzu

yugi loves tea anzu japanese fanart

Duke Has Cake

duke devlin dungeon dice monsters baking cake

Missing An Old Friend

yami yugi atem missing millennium puzzle spirit

Chibi Art

cute chibi yugi joey kaiba marik icons illustrations

Walking Home from School

joey wheeler yugi muto walking home from school

Duel Monsters

yugi slifer duel monsters cards tcg yugioh

A Story Completed

journey finished ending atem yugi puzzle fanart

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