The Many Faces of David Cross in Mr. Show

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David Cross is one of my favorite actors and writers in the 21st century. He has been in a lot of productions, both acting and voice acting for movies and television shows. During the ’90s David and Bob Odenkirk managed a hilarious sketch comedy show on HBO entitled Mr. Show with Bob and David. The scenes often focused on dark humor where the characters were played by many of the same actors.

Bob & David were especially willing to fill the many roles found in their sketches. After many repeat viewings I have finally put together a brilliant collection of many faces portrayed by David Cross.

This isn’t meant to be a complete encyclopedia of all his characters on Mr. Show. But it is more of a collection focusing on the best personalities which really caught my attention. Fans of Mr. Show will undoubtedly have a chuckle at the names and various situations of these characters performed so comically by David Cross.

Ken Doral

ken doral pre taped call-in show photo

Ken Doral manages his own network show called “The Pre-Taped Call In Show”. Guests are asked to call a week in advance to discuss topics which air one week later. This guy is stressed, irate, and confused at why his idea just can’t work. It must be the viewers’ faults for not thinking before they call-in with questions.

Greg Sniper

greg sniper principal stockholder mr show david cross

“Grass Valley Greg” invented the delete key and is CEO of the GV Corporation. He is a carefree loving guy who just wants to have fun. He ends up being the principal stockholder of Mr. Show and ruins many of the live sketches. He is also in massive debt, loves tofu-based products like Tofutti, and raises a number of retarded goats on his property Nannadu Ranch.

Sharwood Lish

angry letters from sharwood lish cereal boxes

Mr. Sharwood Lish is a confusing character seen writing angry letters with heavy sarcasm. He expects people to understand his sarcasm in written form and uses it to mock companies, and even his ex-girlfriend. He is truly a man’s man. Sarcasm at it’s strangest.

Denny Woodkin

denny woodkin actor monologue chair

Denny Woodkin is a performer acting out a monologue about using a chair. He is auditioning for a sitcom possibly titled “Dad and You”. The many references spoken directly to the judges seems to imply a direct effort to attack their character and self-esteem. Luckily this guy’s “got the goods” because he landed the part and lived happily ever after.

Chip Curson

david cross chip curson action 6 news

Chip works for Action 6 News trying to get his information from other news reporters. As the Action 6 News anchorman Blaine Thompson says: “If somebody else is there, we’re there too”. Curson must be loathed by all the other news reporters yet still doesn’t mind sticking his microphone into their faces.

Daniel Smith

daniel smith lawyer harvard david cross

Mr. Daniel Smith graduated from Harvard at the top of his class in law. We see him meeting with a group of lawyers for a promising job opportunity. All seems well until the expectation of blowjobs is mentioned. Daniel is befuddled by this whole interview. But as we all know, court cases are decided by a series of blowjobs. It’s an important skill for the trade.

President of the United States

david cross mr show president usa america

During the Mr. Show pilot a man walks into a convenience store needing change for a dollar. The clerk asks his boss who asks his boss, leading a chain-of-command up to the president of the company and ultimately the president of the United States. Mr. President finally decides “no” and the whole ordeal is settled. God Bless America.

Kinnard Finneran

kinnard finneran 70s movie classics host

The Seventies Movie Channel classics show is hosted by Kinnard Finneran. He is a timely man with a great taste for nostalgic cinema. He is seen introducing a movie called “Bare Ambition” by the director Famous Mortimer. The 1970s were a wonderful time, and Kinnard helps us relive those simpler days.

Criminy Kraffft

sam criminy kraffft druggachusettes mr show

Criminy Kraffft and Sam Kraffft put together a wonderful show in the late ’60s/early ’70s. After being cancelled, they reunited decades later to share their infamous lost episode entitled “The Altered State of Druggachusettes”. Criminy is just one hilarious hippie with a lot of stories to tell. Their TV show seems pretty messed up though.

Wyckyd Sceptre

wyckyd wicked sceptre party tape mr show

Wyckyd Sceptre is a heavy metal band which got caught up in a major sex tape scandal. The name “Wyckyd Sceptre” is spelled out on the video tape itself. This could either be wrong spelling, or the band just chose a really odd name. David Cross plays the blonde-haired rock guitarist who is filmed having sex and receiving blowjobs from his bandmates. But there’s nothing gay about it when you’re just having fun at a party right?

Menocu Salesman

menocu salesman david cross mr show photo

Menocu is a company originally seen advertising buttplugs, but soon transforms into a commercial about its “house of the future”. David plays an uptight by-the-script salesman who is interviewing the professor who created this new house(made for blind people). Even their handshake is awkward in that special Menocu-kinda way.

Gus Kryzinski

gus kryzinski janitor comedian school mr show

Gus Kryzinski works as a night janitor for Hidden Valley High School. He is known as a comical person doing whatever he can to lighten the mood. However since he works at night there is never anyone in the school to appreciate his antics. This character appears somewhat depressed, never really cracking a smile or appreciating his own jokes.

Borden Grove

david cross actor borden grove mr show

Borden is an actor who stars in many films and TV shows. He is seen being interviewed before his next big picture, a movie about abuse in a mental hospital. For this role Borden had the frontal lobe of his brain removed and replaced with bubble wrap. His behavior is somewhat erratic and seemingly retarded by the way everyone is treating him. But this man is a truly dedicated actor who will do anything to get himself fitted into a role.

Bob Lamonta

david cross the bob lamonta story movie

Bob Lamonta stars in a movie about his life entitled “Why Me? The Bob Lamonta Story”. This follows his teenage years trying to grow up with two retarded parents. Bob eventually starts running and training his capabilities to become a 3-time Olympic gold medalist. Except that neither of his parents were retarded, he didn’t ever enter the Olympics, and most of the movie is imaginary make-believe. Still a very inspirational story about a brave young man living a very average life.

Otto Burgher

otto burgher channel 5 news team mr show

Otto Burgher is a dated man who has been working with the same news team since 1925. He runs the Channel 5 News along with Bennie Drummond and Margaret Holden. The team is way past their retirement age yet still continues attempting to report each day’s top stories. In my opinion this is some of the cast’s best acting, and wow do these people look fucking old.

Garry Flank

garry flank taint porno film maker

Garry Flank runs his own pornography studio publishing Taint Magazine. He is often accompanied by his ex-high school principal Dr. Hamilton Hayward. Some of the more prominent models include Max Packer and Theodore Brixton. Garry’s story of paradise was cut short by a pro wrestler named Captain Tragedy. Garry was attacked and his body was damaged so badly that the doctor had to keep his head alive in a fishbowl… and thus we have the legendary rise and fall of Garry Flank.

Ronnie Dobbs

redneck fuzz cops show arrested ronnie dobbs

Ronnie Dobbs is a major recurring character who ended up getting a spinoff movie called Run Ronnie Run. In Mr. Show he was first recognized by Terry Twillstein, a cameraman for the Cops-style TV show “Fuzz”. Ronnie was brought back in a later episode to record “Fuzz: The Musical” singing a number of songs about domestic abuse and police brutality. After Ronnie’s fame reached new heights, he chose to stop drinking and become a more civilized person. Eventually Ronnie died of Entitilitus and was featured in a commercial to raise awareness about the disease.

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