Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars Fan Artwork

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Super Mario RPG

The 1990s was a period of tremendous growth in the video game industry. I remember playing with so many different SNES games when I was a kid. Super Mario RPG was one that I never got my hands on, but hope to play one day in the future. It’s an interesting platformer following Mario and some other characters who tend to reappear in later Mario games. Take a peek at this outstanding fanart gallery dedicated to a memorable and nostalgic Super Nintendo title.

The Stars

super mario rpg bowser geno mario star illustration

Geno and Mallow

mallow magic cloud geno snes rpg character

Inside the Castle

super mario toad castle windows sunlight artwork


Yaridovich super mario rpg fanart


super mario rpg battle clowns geno mallow illustration

Among the Forest

geno star forest stump mushrooms illustration


smithy tank formation fanart battle snes

Pirate Shark Johnny

pirate shark gang jonathan jones super mario artwork

Men of the Sea

dry bones skeleton pirate shark jonathan jones super mario rpg water

Mack Personification

fire sword mack enemy super mario rpg personification

The Stars

super mario rpg geno reaching for stars fanart


living wedding cake bundt super mario artwork

Dimentio and Jester

count bleck dimentio jester villains fanart

Bowyer Gone Mad

bowyer villain super mario rpg illustration artwork

Yaridovich Shine

yaridovich shiny light cleaning illustration


smithy カジオー fanart super mario rpg snes personification

Pinocchio Comes to Life

geno super mario rpg doll comes to life illustration


axem rangers boshi thief super mario rpg

Classic Bowyer

super mario rpg villain bowyer illustrated

Jonathan Jones

jonathan jones villain shark leader illustration

The Undead 3

ghost dry bones greaper villains artwork


team battle cornered enemies super mario snes

Princess Rosalina

green dress princess rosalina super mario rpg

Full Personification

mario geno bowser mallow princess peach humans personification

He Took my Hat!

bowser mario rpg super illustrated funny geno princess peach

Arrows Flying

bowyer throwing arrows geno super mario rpg

Picnic Time

mario princess peach geno bowser picnic food

Anime Personification

anime personification real humans artwork illustrations

Decisive Battle

super mario rpg mallow geno battle illustration

Cast Photo

super mario rpg cast characters green pipe

Lost in the Forest

mario mallow geno lost in the woods forest illustration

Happy 15th Anniversary

super mario rpg anniversary 15th artwork nostalgia

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