A Review of Suffocate for Fuck Sake

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So I was introduced to this band recently called Suffocate for Fuck Sake. It’s a really crazy mix of screaming vocals, spoken words, post-rock rhythms with ambient tones as well. Their album is free to stream and you can listen to it on Bandcamp if you have the time. It’s almost weird to skip around through various tracks because the album flows so naturally. It feels like one long story being told through music.

And yes, that album name really is that long.

It’s called “Blazing Fires And Helicopters On The Frontpage Of The Newspaper. There’s A War Going On And I’m Marching In Heavy Boots”. Certainly paints a picture and it must relate to the overall tone of the music itself. I have tried looking through Google to find details on the band members, but it is scarce. Either way I can find deep appreciation for this kind of music because each track carries over so elegantly.

Songs will ebb and flow back to quiet ambience, eventually switching back to heavy distorted guitar and screaming vocals. Spoken vocals seem to be in Swedish, which is where the band comes from. The shadowy obscure history surrounding this band is very odd. But it draws me into the music even more – it feels as if the songs themselves are made to be obscure yet prominent.

In the 2nd album track “I Got Worried… I Was So Freaking Scared Of That Window, You Know” we hear more clean singing with great vocal tones. For such a convoluted writing style this band works perfectly as busywork background music. The ongoing rhythms provide a seamless transition between heavy distortion and peaceful spoken words. All of the writing feels planned, yet orchestrated naturally in a manner leaving you inspired and waiting for more.

The biggest complaint I have is not understanding their message. Having the girl’s voice speaking in Swedish makes the story tough to follow. But the musical styling is what shines through everything else.

Track #4 “Twentysix And Full Of Plans” is quite long spanning over 17 minutes of playtime. It starts with heavy screaming and naturally progresses through many of the band’s related sounds. This track is such a roller coaster and it provides a bridge into the rest of the album.

In all honesty I have yet to hear a band quite like SFFS. It is hardly worth the time to categorize this band into a genre because the dynamics change with each song. But for anyone who can appreciate various styles of music, this band is worth your time. At least check out their first couple tracks on the album.

I’ll leave with a quote from this thread to encapsulate how Suffocate for Fuck Sake catches your attention so quickly:

The combination of the dramatic postrock swells and tasteful use of screams to drive home a fucking intense emotion is flawless.

It isn’t just about the tonality or the rhythm or the style. This music got to me through an emotional connection. Without speaking a lick of Swedish I can identify with the songwriter(s) and feel the music that they wanted to create.

It is emotionally powerful and simultaneously uplifting, for reasons I can’t quite explain. But nonetheless this album will make you think. It’ll make you think about music, about how to tell a story, and how to convey emotions. This style isn’t for everyone but if you have an open mind I would highly recommend checking them out.

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