Cozy Handmade Shawls and Cowls from Etsy

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In cold nights it can be worthwhile to have yourself wrapped in a shawl. These comfortable items of clothing fit nicely with almost any Fall or Winter outfit. Plus the many handmade items on Etsy come in so many various shades and styles – you won’t know where to begin. I went through and organized a collection of beautiful cowls & shawls for dressing up warm during these chilly months.

Marble Grey Loop Neck Warmer

chunky shawl loop neck warmer grey handmade

Winter Infinity Cowl

chunky scarf cowl winter attire handmade crochet

The Manhattan Cowl

handmade etsy manhattan cowl product wool

Oversized Amethyst Wrap Shawl

chunky oversized shawl custom purple amethyst etsy

Mint Green Mohair Shawl

custom handmade etsy mint green mohair shawl product

Violet Shawl with Lace Edge

purple violet shawl cowl lace edges fashion etsy

Dusty Blue Chevron Cable Cowl

wool handmade bright baby blue cowl winter etsy

The Rochdale

red big chunky cowl scarf rochdale etsy

Autumn Bonfires Shawl

red orange bright autumn bonfire shawl etsy

Plaid Light Shawl

etsy plaid shawl fringed frayed edges linen

Navy Blue Capelet Cape Shawl

dark navy blue womens shawl cape item handmade crochet

Linen Knitted Shawl

custom handmade shawl etsy knitted unique artwork design

Tribal Shedded Shawl

tribal design shawl custom etsy product shredded dyed

Criss-Cross Neck Warmer Cowl

black neck warmer cowl with buttons etsy handmade

Dark Bow Infinity Cowl

warm crochet infinity cowl bow handmade

Rainbow Shell Crochet Shawl

thick handmade custom rainbow shell pattern shawl triangular

Fuzzy Pink Infinity Wrap

cute handmade pink cowl infinity wrap etsy

Eco-Friendly Men’s Sweater Cowl

grey custom men boys sweater cowl neck etsy

Plum Knit Cowl

purple plum aubergine cowl knit etsy product

Colorful Crochet Shawl

girls womens shawl colorful rainbow item etsy

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