Seasonally Ghoulish and Creative Halloween Tattoos

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The trick-or-treating holiday that only comes once a year is a personal favorite of mine. Halloween night is filled with ominous energy and I simply adore that time of year. Many others would agree it’s a special period worthy of commemoration.

Tattoos are one way to convey your admiration towards a subject. Thus I’ve crawled through Instagram putting together this gallery of eerie Halloween tattoos. You may find something here that gives you quite a fright – or you may really love these ideas and hope to get your own one day. Any fan of the Halloween season will surely appreciate the artistic skill and vision which goes into each of these designs.

Creeping Ghosts

half sleeve halloween full moon ghosts trail tattoo

Mini Reaper

mini grim reaper tattoo green shade red blood scythe

Misfits Halloween

misfits band logo inside pumpkin head tattoo

Ethel Decaying

knuckle tattoo halloween skulls decay ethel morbid design

Poisonous Witch

purple witch tattoo benestrada creepe eyes witchhat

Frankenstein Groom

green skin frankenstein tuxedo groom tattoo

The Mummy

red eyes mummy halloween monster tattoo new school design

Witch Skull

creepy green witch skull face dark tattoo ink


pumpkin jack lantern spirit of halloween tattoo

Soulmates Tombstone

tombstone halloween graveyard soul mates never die tattoo

Michael Meyers Reflection

classic halloween horror movie knife michael meyers tattoo

Zombie Stewie

family guy stewie griffin zombie tattoo artwork

Scarecrow Half-sleeve

haunted crows scarecrow lantern half sleeve tattoo

Abused Frankenstein Monster

green face frankenstein eyes eternal tattoo ink

Neck Tombstone

back of neck tattoo tombstone artwork blood moon

Ghost from the Grave

rising ghost spirit graveyard tattoo ink halloween

Halloween Trick-or-Treating

haunted mansion house sleeve tattoo trick treating halloween

Graveyard Scene

leg calf tattoo pumpkin bats ghosts graveyard cemetery


here lies betelgeuse grave beetlejuice tattoo


zombie hands metal halloween small tattoo

Dark Pumpkin Patch

full moon bats pumpkin landscape tattoo halloween

Friday the 13th

hand tattoo jack o lantern pumpkin halloween designs

Tea and Cookies

zombie undead hand eating cookies tea halloween tattoo

Deathly Buzzard

timothy brown halloween tattoo artwork buzzard nighttime


cordelia original forearm tattoo zombie girl halloween

Skeleton Pumpkin

halloween skeleton pumpkin monster tattoo forearm design

Evil Witch

evil green skin witch thigh leg tattoo artwork

The Lantern Keeper

graveyard lantern pumpkin keeper halloween tattoo

Haunted Mansion

aces high tattoo shop haunted mansion halloween half-sleeve

Candy Corn Zombie

bright color tattoo candy corn zombie halloween

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