Powerpuff Girls Tattoos For Townsville Lovers

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ppg tattoo

On the cusp of the new millennium Cartoon Network began experimenting with many new animated series. One of these was The Powerpuff Girls created by Craig McCracken. It ran for a good 6 seasons and featured a plentiful cast of characters. Mojo Jojo, The Mayor, and even the Professor provides an outstanding and realistic cartoon world in this strange superhero animation.

Not too surprisingly this series caught on and built a massive fanbase. It even has a new reboot that brings PPG fever into the twenty-teens!

In celebration I’ve curated this list of Powerpuff Girls tattoos from around the net. It’s not a huge list but these are some of the coolest designs from a classic Cartoon Network show.

The Girls

ppg blossom bubbles buttercup tattoo
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ppg bubbles purple octopus doll tattoo
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ppg three girls tattoo
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ppg blossom tattoo
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Bubbles & Fluffy

ppg bubbles fluffy cat tattoo
Photo source


Custom Style

ppg custom design tattoo
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Full Sleeve

ppg arm sleeve tattoo
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Mojo Jojo

ppg mojo jojo girls tattoo
Photo source


Evil Monkey

ppg evil mojo jojo tattoo
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Princess Morbucks

ppg princess morbucks tattoo
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Bubbles Pogo

ppg bubbles bunny pogo stick tattoo
Photo source


Chemical X

ppg girls chemical x tattoo
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