The Powerpuff Girls Fan Artwork Gallery

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powerpuff girls

On the cusp of the new millennium Cartoon Network began experimenting with many new animated series. One of these was The Powerpuff Girls created by Craig McCracken. It ran for a good 6 seasons and featured a plentiful cast of characters. Mojo Jojo, The Mayor, and even the Professor provides an outstanding and realistic cartoon world in this strange superhero animation.

Not too surprisingly this series caught on in Japan and has become very popular. This actually spawned a spinoff series entitled Powerpuff Girls Z designed in the more traditional anime fashion. Many designers have created their own illustrations on the cartoon series, and I want to showcase the best artwork I could find. Fans of the show will remember most of these characters and it is certainly a funny trip down memory lane.

Townsville in Peace

fan artwork illustration powerpuff townsville city peaceful professor

The Amoeba Boys

the amoeba boys illustration artwork powerpuffs germs

Red Team

blossom brick rowdyruff boy illustration team fanart

Girls in a Nightmare

sleeping stars nighttime artwork powerpuff floating


evil villain sedusa woman powerpuff girls artwork


red devil him villain boogie man illustration


red girlish devil powerpuff villain evil sinister him

Scary Mojo Jojo

blossom scared mojojojo monkey evil artwork illustration


buttercup mojo jojo swimming surfing illustration

Professor Utonium

professor utonium father powerpuff girls funny artwork

Powerpuff Cereal

breakfast artwork illustration powerpuff girls cereal food

The Rowdyruff Boys

mojo jojo boys rowdyruff illustration fanart japanese

Femme Fatale

white costume femme fatale illustration thief villain

Blossom Insanity

red laughter hahaha blossom fan artwork drawing crimson

Harmony Bunny

bubbles alter ego harmony bunny napping meadow pogo stick

Blue Pokémon

blue pokemon trainer artwork bubbles water illustration

Waiting in Bed

powerpuff girls phone waiting bed colorful realistic artwork

Sleep Tight

powerpuff girls cartoon illustration tired bedtime


christmas girls dressed powerpuffs december winter fanart

Happy 10th Anniversary

powerpuff girls cartoon 10th anniversary celebration artwork

Merry Christmas 2004

christmas picture drawing artwork 2004 pixiv illustration

Halloween 2004

happy halloween powerpuff girls fanart illustration pumpkin

Me Fall in Love?

mojo jojo change of heart love powerpuff girls illustration

Trying to Save the World

the powerpuff girls illustration heroes cartoon theme song

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