Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen Artwork Gallery

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The older classic games are always heartwarming to revisit years later and pick up for some nostalgia. The original Pokemon games released under R/B/Y got a remake for the Gameboy Advance. These were called LeafGreen and FireRed which included a number of updates to make gameplay a whole lot easier.

I always loved these games because it brought back that same feeling you got when starting up Pokemon for the first time. This gallery is a collection of beautiful Pixiv designs related to FireRed and LeafGreen. The characters are very similar as you find in the original Pokemon Adventures mangas with just a few updates. If you are a fan of the original Pokemon series then you will surely fall in love with this artwork collection.

A Journey’s Rest

pokemon red green blue campfire resting travel

Vs Caterpie

green girl trainer bulbasaur battle caterpie

Hat Switch

red and green hat switch pikachu spinarak

Red and Charizard

pkmn trainer red charizard cave items

Pikachu Parkas

red green blue characters pikachu sweatshirts

Mt. Silver

mt silver shirogane mountain fanart illustration


red rival blue pokemon photos corkboard memories


pokemon trainer power fire charizard artwork

Mt. Moon

mount moon オツキミやま otsukimi yama illustration

Green on Waves

leaf green waves water pokeflute rocket key illustration

Twin Trainers

leafgreen firered squirtle bulbasaur trainers


red green trainers match hats pokemon artwork

Traveling Friends

suitcase packed travel adventure stamps pokemon

Red & Green Christmas

pokemon trainers red green christmas colors artwork

The Sleeping Giant

snorlax impassable sleeping wake up pokeflute artwork

Once Upon a Time…

red green blue pokemon trainers journey begins prof oak


trainer green lapras surf ocean wingull

The Journey Begins

pokemon trainers adventures manga artwork illustration


pokemon trainers pallet town red blue illustration

Water Team

pokemon trainer leaf green swimsuit water team

Poké Ball, Go!

poké ball trainer green girl artwork illustration


pokemon trainer red green legendary mew illustration

Resting in the Shade

resting shade under tree pokemon trainers red green artwork

Cold but Loving

trainer red illustration ice jynx lapras articuno cloyster


trainer red bicycle venusaur slowbro meowth magnemite

Charmander Surprise

frlg trainers charmander red green illustration

Gameboy Advance

pokemon fanart illustration trainer green pink gameboy advance

Kanto Route 1

pokemon illustration kanto rt1 route one pidgey rattata


pokemon adventures red green blue illustration fanart

The Trio

firered leafgreen artwork butterfree pidgey bellsprout fanart

Cleaning Items

pokemon bag items pokedoll antidote potion rare candy teachy tv

Remember the Epic Battles

pokemon calendar artwork trainers frlg illustration

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  1. Ausp

    October 8, 2013 at 4:56 am

    Awesome pics, thanks for posting. I was actually looking for the one titled “Fire”. I just watched “Pokemon: The Origin” and was reminded of it… Epic image.