Pikmin Video Game Fan Artwork Gallery

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Looking back towards 2001 the Gamecube was still a very new console. Pikmin was the 3rd overall video game released for the Gamecube at the time, and it gained a whole lot of attention. Despite the similar name to Pokémon, Pikmin follows a very different storyline. Captain Olimar leads around a team of these multi-colored plant… things. They help him gather parts for his ship by overcoming obstacles through their various features. Anybody who fondly remembers this game or any of the sequels will love all the creative work in this gallery.


space captain olimar pikmin team crew illustration

End of the Day

hocotate freight ship spaceship sunset pikmin


pnf 404 pikmin earth planet illustration pixiv

Anime Style

anime style artwork pikmin olimar tvshow animation

Roasting Marsh

marshmallows roasting open fire pikmin olimar


olimar captain playing stick with pikmin characters

Rocket Launch

nighttime starry sky pikmin olimar character illustration

Hurry Up!

pikmin letters spelling pikmin3 game release fanart illustration

Pink Brittany

pink brittany girl character pikmin video game artwork

With Captain Charlie

captain charlie pikmin video game artwork brittany

The Family

charlie brittany alph astronauts pikmin explorers


nostalgic memories pikmin first video game gamecube

Run Away!

red bulborb enemy pikmin runaway illustration

Plant Lab

pikmin sunlight plant laboratory illustration fanart


sky flying pink winged pikmin artwork videogame

Reaching Up

red pikmin friend olimar illustration cute artwork

Pikmin 3

cool video game concept artwork pikmin3

King Olimar

king olimar gold crown chair yellow pikmin

Burgeoning Spiderwort

ultra spicy bitter berries pikmin fanart concept illustration

Accompanied by a Joltik

pokemon pikmin crossover red bulborb joltik olimar

Picking Wigglytuff

illustration pikmin flowers wigglytuff pokemon crossover

As Night Descends

descending nighttime dark forest red bulborb

Gone Fishing

link legend of zelda fishing pikmin crossover


goolix first water boss pikmin video game fanart

Small Base

small rocket launch base hocotate spaceship illustration

The Army has Arrived

pikmin colors yellow blue red white purple illustration


pikmin team olimar captain lake water illustration forest

Blue Rescue

trapped blue pikmin glass jar water illustration

Seasoned Spaghetti

red pikmin pepper seasoning pasta spaghetti funny fanart

Exploring Forest Fields

pikmin olimar and president of hocotate freight シャチョ


olimar meet pikmin team stone arch doorway tiled flooring

Pika Love

yellow rat pikachu pokemon pikmin crossover fanart

Olimar Concepts

conceptual artwork captain olimar pikmin game illustrations

Pikmin 3 Sunset

alph charlie brittany characters pikmin3 sunset illustration

A Neverending Journey

japanese video gamecube pikmin olimar captain memories beautiful artwork

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