Odious Mortem rages death metal on Cryptic Implosion

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On my recent binge of Tech Death bands I came across Odious Mortem. They have been writing music since 1998 with two fantastic album releases. Their latest publication “Cryptic Implosion” was published in 2007 and was released under Willowtip.

You can stream the entire album for free off their Bandcamp page. If you like the tracks you can also download MP3/FLAC copies of the whole album for only $7. It’s a nice deal for such a crazy death metal band. I’d argue you could listen to this many times over and still not find yourself bored.

Immediately I took notice of the non-comforting guitar riffs. These guys write some of the most complicated guitar tracks I have ever heard in a death metal band.

Metallum classifies Odious as “Technical Brutal Death Metal” and I really do agree(along with many other bands on that website). The drummer KC Howard has also played with Decrepit Birth – signifying a true interest in the genre.

Their songwriting generally has a focus on more technical, dark, and experimental ideas. The comparison to older bands like Suffocation and Nile fits in nicely. You can hear the inspiration for their songwriting when you try to understand how the complexity of their music really does have a unique rhythm. This includes percussion, distorted guitar, and growling vocals.

Some personal recommendations off this album would include track 01 “Fragmented Oblivion”, track 02 “The Endless Regression Of Mind”, and track 05 “Conjoint Species”. But honestly the whole thing is pretty crazy and it takes you for a ride beginning-to-end. Lengths can range between ~2:30 all the way up to 5+ mins. These are mildly tame in comparison to some other tech death bands pushing beyond 7 or 8 minutes.

Among the many other genre-specific reviews I have published, Odious Mortem took me by surprise. I was expecting just another ordinary death metal band. Yet I was pleasantly surprised to find out their music is anything but ordinary.

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