Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask Fanart and Illustrations

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loz majora

If you remember the classic Zelda titles then you must have known about Majora’s Mask. This was my personal favorite on the N64 even though gameplay was pretty strange. Link can use masks to transform and utilize unique strengths, but you also have to reset the clock every few days.

Weird stuff, yet very fun. Check out these crazy illustrations devoted to characters & locations found in Majora’s Mask.

Chasing Masks

link majoras mask artwork background japanese fanart


link zelda majoras mask deku rebirth navi fairy

Romani Ranch as Harvest Moon

harvest moon back to nature alternative box art cover loz majora ranch lonlon

Kafei & Tingle

keaton yellow mask kafei tingle majoras mask fanart

Destroyer Moon

skull kid fire moon majoras mask artwork

Fierce Deity’s Mask

link elven artwork pasture deity artwork

Cremia and Romani

young girl romani ranch cremia fan artwork majora mask

Raindrops, Puddles, and Scrubs

link deku mask loz fanart navi raining

Sharp the Elder

sharp elder composer brother poe zelda marjoas mask artwork

Mirrored Tears

zelda majoras mask milk bar mirror shield link crying

The Milk Bar

milk bar romanis mask legend of zelda link illustration

Termina Field (Sea)

talmina termina fields plains seaside majoras mask

Deku Flower Petals

deku flower flying majoras mask illustration

Skull Kid Race

スタルキッド skull kid forest woods illustration

LoZ Halloween 2012

trick or treat happy halloween majoras mask artwork

Zora Hangout

milk bar latte majoras mask zora species illustration

Skull Kid’s Ocarina

sutarukiddo skull kid ocarina majoras mask illustrated artwork

Happy Mask Salesman

legend of zela fanart alternative design happy mask

Song of Time

link deku ocarina song of time travel 3 days majoras mask

Private Concert

goron darmani elder son playing drums music concert zelda

Rest in the Night

zelda majoras mask river epona nighttime illustration

Anju and Kafei Reunited

married reunited kafei anju majoras mask fanart

Clock Town Center

snowing snowfall town clock majoras mask

Talking in the Forest

navi majoras mask fairy link forest woods illustration

A Rainy Day

deku link malon outside raining umbrella scenery

The Legend of Zelda

fullscreen artwork legend zelda majoras mask characters

Peaceful Clock Town

link skull kid moon clock town peaceful illustration


dark mask skull kid rooftop illustration moon zelda

Starting Over

getting started new game link deku loz majoras mask

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