The Exceptionally Talented Lindsey Stirling

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Lindsey Stirling

When I heard that I should write about a progressive violinist, it took me back to where I had to set up for concerts for the music hall. I never understood the appreciation for raw classical music in an auditorium. I never showed up for the Concert, not on purpose.

Lindsey is different. You see, she is easy on the eyes, smiles a lot, moves around a lot, and always does music videos in surreal, yet real places. It’s not raw classical music – it’s an experience.

It seems all the late teens and early twenty-somethings have had close encounters with some raging Dubstep tunes.  And who doesn’t enjoy the benefits of Electronica?  Dubstep is when someone plays music through Game Boy speakers, and that sound brings us back – way back. Lindsey Stirling, though not a hardcore Dubstep fan, has created an epic blend of progressive violin and Electronica. In her songs, Crystallize and Elements, she has fused Dubstep into her violin progressive sound.





Electric Daisy Violin

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