Johnny Bravo Illustrations & Alternative Artwork

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Old classic ’90s Cartoon Network has to be one of the fondest periods in cartoon history. This was back before Boomerang was a major station and Cartoon Network was frequently airing classic Hanna-Barbera toons along with the newer stuff. Johnny Bravo is a particular favorite of mine which follows the misadventures of a dumb musclehead mama’s boy. It’s a lot funnier than it may sound in writing.

The most creative episodes often feature side characters like Pops, Little Suzy, and Carl Chryniszzswics. This cartoon often rehashed plots from old fables, folklore, plays, and other infamous works of writing. Johnny Bravo along with Dexter’s Lab are two of my absolute favorite cartoons and I hope this fanart gallery may bring back some fond childhood memories.

Man, I’m Pretty

johnny bravo fan artwork man im pretty illustration

Tom Kenny and his BFFs

tom kenny carl chryniszzswics fan artwork


johnny bravo mama carl little suzy fanart

He’s Got The Moves

johnny bravo smooth moves bunny suzy artwork

Anime Style

johnny bravo crew anime art style design

Bunny Bravo

bunny bravo mama cute fanart illustration alternative


carl chryniszzswics nostalgia face artwork

Noir Johnny

johnny bravo cartoon noir detective illustration sketch

The Cool Guy

cool guy blonde hair johnny bravo illustration

Mitzy the Thief

johnny bravo mitzy thief illustration artwork

Johnny and Little Suzy

alternative artwork johnny bravo little neighbor girl suzy


johnny bravo green comb hair confident artwork

Johnny Bravo, Jr.

baby boy johnny bravo son child junior fanart

Busty Bunny

bunny bravo mama breasts illustration fan artwork

Carl and Rolf

ed edd eddy crossover johnny bravo rolf carl

BBQ Bravo

bbq barbecue johnny bravo cooking apron artwork

Johnny’s Style

johnny sex carl phone call nervous funny cartoon


pops moon place diner johnny bravo illustration

JB Rising Sun

johnny bravo jb japanese rising sun background

When Johnny Meets Frankie

frankie foster girl fosters home johnny bravo love

Merry Xmas Johnny Bravo

christmas cards xmas illustration artwork johnny bravo

Johnny x Velma

johnny bravo loves velma dinkley scooby doo fanart


johnny bravo velma dinkley married wedding honeymoon artwork

Mr. Suave

combing hair johnny bravo illustration fanart

Where Are They Now? #1

johnny bravo where are they now little suzy

Where Are They Now? #2

johnny bravo pops diner little suzy where are they now fanart

Hey There, Smart Mama

johnny bravo pickup lines hitting on chicks illustration

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