I’m Lovin’ It: Bizarre McDonald’s Fanart Gallery

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I am always surprised when browsing through Pixiv at the strange, offbeat designs. I decided to look through some McDonald’s tags and that lead me to a 40+ page search for these really outlandish pieces of artwork. You may remember some of these characters from McDonaldland, such as Mayor McCheese. Other pieces of artwork may just leave you scratching your head.

From a Japanese audience over to the western world, McDonald’s is a truly recognizable brand from all walks of life.

Hamburglar on a Mission

hamburglar character stressed fanart illustration

Trouble Brewing

hamburglar angry ronald mcdonald tie illustration

McDonald’s Town

mcdonalds town exterior view ronald illustration design

Potatoes Shred the Guitar

french fries potatoes playing music guitar

After Closing

mcdonalds restaurant closed after hours little boy ronald artwork

Officer Big Mac & Mayor McCheese

big mac officer police mayor mccheese hamburger illustration

Big Mac’n some Music

playing guitar mcdonalds bigmac shake speakers


ronald mcdonald spongebob straw toy happy meal

Mrs. Hamburglar

mcdonalds miss girl hamburglar illustration funny artwork

I am Loving This

im lovin it mcdonalds food girl eating illustration


cats kitties mcdonalds food containers funny silly illustration

The Crew

realism artwork ronald mcdonald grimace birdie

Ace, Sabo, and Luffy

ace sabo luffy one piece pirates mcdonalds artwork parody crossover

Team M

team mcdonalds fry guys ronald grimace hamburglar illustration

Fast Food

fast food guys kfc mcdonalds colonel sanders pon de lion

Mac Fight

mcdonalds employees fight anime style artwork

Order Up!

girl anime mcdonalds worker illustration fanart

Victini Meal

victini fast food mcdonalds meal pokemon illustration artwork

Chillin’ with Ron

usa ronald mcdonald bench eating fast food

McDonald Fantasy

ff7 final fantasy vii buster sword ronald mcdonald

Girly Grimace

pink japanese anime girl grimace bows illustration

Service without a Smile

mcdonalds counter girl anime style artwork food smiling

Mister Hamburglar

realistic human being male hamburglar mcdonalds character illustration

Kamen Riders

kamen rider japan tokyo mcdonalds food alleyway

Fry Guys

fuzzy fry kids guys mcdonalds characters illustration realism

Mayor McCheese

realistic mayor mccheese illustration drawing character

Colonel vs. Ronald

colonel sanders suplex ronald mcdonald fighting artwork

The Takeaway

take away colonel sanders ronald mcdonald hamburger illustration

Mew McNuggets

pokemon mcdonalds crossover mew legendary mcnuggets sauce

Bench Philosophies

ronald mcdonald thinker statue bench artwork illustration

To The Extreme!!

ronald mcdonald skydiving french fries illustration

True Life

ronald mcdonald outfit big mac cop apartment alone illustration

Deals are Goin’ Down

hamburglar in mcdonalds whisper ronald illustration funny

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