Final Fantasy X Original Beta Trailer Circa January 2000

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Old obscure video game media has always been an interest. There have been a lot of games published since Super Nintendo, Dreamcast, PS1, and the many other systems. It’s fun and exciting to stumble onto unique beta/unique stuff which was never published with the series.

In this video you can see a number of changes from the original Final Fantasy X game released on PlayStation 2 by Square. This video was recorded in January 2000 at the Square Millennium Event in Tokyo, Japan. The game was the first to have online strategy guides/walkthroughs and it was advertised within this beta. Check out the preview it’s only about two minutes long.

Looking back at the event we can find a couple media references, but ultimately this video seems lost among the shuffle of new shiny games. An old article published by IGN outlines some of the ideas in this video.

Final Fantasy X was next to be shown and it looked great. There wasn’t nearly as much footage shown in comparison to Final Fantasy IX, but what was shown included gameplay shots. If I had to compare it to a game that everybody has already seen, I would have to say it looked closest to From Software’s Evergrace. The character was wandering around freely in a 3D world.

Like Final Fantasy IX, the characters in X have moved away from that “cyber-look.” Final Fantasy X is scheduled for release in spring 2000, with a lot of principal production work already done. In the coming year, Square plans on finishing up the job and polishing up the title.

A caption on the video said, “The journey home begins.” FFX will also be the first Final Fantasy to take advantage of Square’s online service, although it will only take advantage of the strategy guide/hint feature – it won’t be playable online.

Just a funny look back at a seemingly quaint piece of our culture. Although this game comes out of Japan, it has affected plenty of kids & adults living in the western world. Among a sea of alternate jRPG titles Final Fantasy has stood it’s ground for over 25 years. Who knows what other rare gems will be found online?

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