Examples of Beautiful Latte Art from Instagram

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The baristas who make your latte are often some very talented and knowledgeable individuals. They know a whole lot about the trade, and the daily practice doesn’t hurt either. There are some really crazy designs out there from all over the world. And in this gallery I’ve put together some outlandish yet truly creative works of latte art.

Who knew that espresso could be so inspirational?

Splashing Dolphin

bright steam foam splashing dolphin latte art

Patrick Star

spongebob character latte foam patrick star


woman head smiling smiles latte artwork


pig farm animal swine latte milk artwork

Furry Bunny

japan japanese meal latte art bunny rabbit

Happy Doggy

hamburg latte art dog face smiling

5th of November

guy fawkes day november 5th coffee art photo

Sacré Cœur

france sacre coeur palace milk latte art

Lovey Dovey

love hearts rabbit cute bunny milk artwork latte

Friendly Bear

waving bear friendly latte art photograph

Mustache Man

mocha coffee detective mustache man latte artwork

Swan in the Pond

coffee cafe latte art swan swimming pond water

Crinkly Trunk

elephant trunk big latte artwork fancy animal


cute latte art cat kitty smiling whiskers


happy smiling side profile face photo latte artwork

The Mongolian Man

simple latte coffee milk artwork mongolian face

November Turkey

autumn fall coffee milk art turkey november

Moon & Star

coffee latte art moon star space

Right in the Eyes

espresso machine latte art man screaming face funny

Winter Snowman

tokyo japan snowman latte art cafe harajuku

Seasonal Pumpkin

autumn fall season pumpkin latte artwork photo

Mr. Scarecrow

scarecrow field object latte art steam


pokemon pikachu latte artwork milk design heart love

Girl with a Bow

cute little girl hair bow latte creative artwork photo

Swimming Fishy

koi fish swimming coffee latte artwork

Sun and Moon Orbit

outer space sun moon planets coffee cafe art

Fire-Breathing Dragon

flame smoke fire breathing dragon latte art coffee

Where the Wild Things Are

monster face where the wild things are book latte artwork

Leo the Lion

warm heart lion leo art latte coffee milk talented photo

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