Elevator Phase Chillout Jazz Music Review

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To be honest I cannot remember how I found this band, but I’m so glad that I did. Their personal website has a lot more information about their history and songwriting. The band was founded in 2009 creating more downtempo chillout tracks, with heavy ambient/groove influences mixed together.

So far the band has only released two EPs – Cityscape and Elevation. Although somewhat short, both of these albums provide a glimpse into the style of music. It’s unique and certainly not something I’ve heard before. In fact, many Jazz fans online seem to have a repulsive attitude towards “elevator music”. Which frankly I just don’t understand… it’s peaceful, serene, and quite often intellectually stimulating.

The first 2 tracks Cityscape & Highway are outstanding. Granted you can listen to all their music within an hour so it’s not a timesink to go through everything. Cityscape was released in 2011 while Elevation came out in 2012. Personally I’d say Elevation is more experimental but they’re both amazing EPs.

When you listen closely the music almost comes across as electronic. But the rhythms and notes play like Jazz – a form of Freeform Jazz in many tracks. The songs do fit a mold of “chillout” that I would say fits nicely into the background. If you’re writing or researching something for a project these albums provide excellent mind music.

I actually would not say any of this stuff fits into the theme of “elevator music”. Too ambient, almost too transcendental for that kind of lobby music. But in a way the name Elevator Phase seems to be an excellent label for the band. Truly some of the most creative songs I’ve heard in a long time.

Check out any of their stuff and try understanding what it sounds like to you. Aside from Bandcamp you can also stream tracks on their Soundcloud page.

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