Dazzling Fire Pokémon Fan Artwork

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Talented artists really enjoy publishing their work online to garner feedback and support digital communities. Recently I put together a collection of water Pokémon fanart that looks spectacular. Under the same idea I’ve collected this huge showcase of blazing fire Pokémon – all designed by Pixiv artists. If you love the game series then you’ll surely fall in love with some of this artwork.


volcano fire erupting lava camerupt pokemon artwork

Warm Vulpix

pokemon gen1 fire fox vulpix cute pixiv artwork


open forest fire wildfire vulpix pokemon

The Fire Foxes

vulpix ninetails pokemon family artwork illustration

Gen I Starter Chain

charmander charmeleon charizard evolution chain illustration cute

Gym Leader Battle

flame fire type pokemon gym leaders artwork

Feel the Heat!

underground magma lava fire pokemon cavern illustration


brilliant shiny windy arcanine fire dog pokemon

In the Apple Tree

chimchar pokemon starter fire type eating apples illustration

Cake Decorating

congratulations baking cake magby baby pokemon firetype

Darumaka & Darmanitan

fire pokemon illustration darumaka darmanitan firetype


legendary pokemon dog johto entei illustration

Flying Charizard

pokemon mountains illustration flying charizard design

Flareon Poofy

flareon flame ball puffy cute fire pokemon evolution


legendary bird pokemon ho oh johto tin tower flying ecruteak


majestic kanto flying bird legendary pokemon moltres illustration

Full Dog Family

arcanine growlithe puppy dogs fire pokemon illustration


kanto pokemon magmar fire type cave illustration


melted fire flame slug pokemon slugma johto

Team Magma

team magma マグマ団 gang grunts fire pokemon artwork

Gang of Three

three team magma grunts hoenn pokemon illustration fire trainers

Happy Cyndaquil

johto fire pokemon starter cyndaquil ant eater illustration

Ready For Battle

quilava furret pokemon artwork flames battle stance


fire ghost chandelier chandelure pokemon artwork dark

Fierce Houndoom

johto dark fire pokemon dog houndoom evolution artwork


tepig gen5 unova pokemon starter evolution fanart

My Friends

pokemon trainer green hair unova fire types illustration japanese

Gym Leader Flannery

hoenn fire gym leader lavaridge town flannery illustration

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