Cryogen’s Newest Album ‘Continuum’ Released on Nov 19th

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I’ve been wanting to publish an article on Cryogen for a while. After finding out their latest album will be released this month I feel I have to do some publicizing. The band hails from Colorado producing truly energetic American death metal.

They’ve been releasing music since 2004 with their first full-length album “Premonition” coming out in 2005. You can find many samples of their music scattered throughout YouTube. This includes the various EPs put out since their last album.

While scanning through some news sites I came upon a new video by Cryogen. This isn’t technically a music video, but it’s more of a lyrics video to accompany one of their tracks. The song is called Machine and it’s simply incredible. Clear yet blaring vocals, impeccable guitar solos, and drum patterns that leave you speechless. I could rant on and on about my support for Cryogen and their blistering take on hasty death metal.

The album is being released on Bandcamp with a pre-order page if you’re interested in paying upfront. It is slated to include 12 tracks with one cover track by the band Carcass. They don’t have many other song previews but Machine has been enough to sway me into really giving my support to these guys.

You can pre-order for $10 digital download or $15 for a physical CD. If you want to hear some of their other music try streaming older EP tracks off Psalms of Deceit or This Nightmare. The band has recorded plenty of great music to give you an idea of their style.

Currently they are releasing under Dark Millennium Records which also has links to their online profiles. If you really want to dig a bit deeper take a peek at their official website including band bios, merchandise, and upcoming tour dates.

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