Crash Bandicoot Game Series Fan Artwork

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Naughty Dog was the original creator of the Crash Bandicoot series. I remember all those fun mini-games and awkward levels and the weirdest boss battles. It was an exclusive title for PlayStation until later games were released for Xbox and Nintendo consoles.

This showcase is a brilliant display by the talented folks over at Pixiv. The Japanese gaming community also has a love for Crash Bandicoot games, and you can see that reflected in many of these illustrations.

Classy Heroes

aku aku mask crash bandicoot purple crystal heroes

The Main Man!

crash bandicoot hero illustration japanese fanart

Fleeting Memories

crash bandicoot video game ruins sunset memories nostalgia


ukauka akuaku masks crash bandicoot characters illustration

Prime Crash

primary characters crash bandicoot video game series

Me & Aku

aku aku mask crash bandicoot forest scenery artwork

Nina Cortex

nina cortex hug enemy boss crash bandicoot vector artwork


twins masks evil bosses crash coco bandicoot game illustration


crash enemy bandicoot dingo dingodile artwork

Don Pinstripelli Potorotti

don pinstripe potoroo japanese fanart crash bandicoot

Ripper Roo

ripper roo insane mutated kangaroo crash bandicoot

Doctor N. Gin

dr ngin n enemy cyborg neo cortex villain video game

Dingo and Tiny

dingo tiny crash bandicoot enemies bomb explosive illustration

Spyro Crossover

crash bandicoot mask akuaku spyro the dragon illustration

The Adventure Begins

doctor neo cortex crash bandicoot video game japanese artwork

Crash in Space

space travel astronaut crash bandicoot funny fanart

Combined Evil

crash bandicoot rare naughty dog artwork fanart

Wumpa Fruit

wumpa fruit artwork apples crash bandicoot


crash bandicoot hoarding wumpa fruit illustration sketch

It’s Battle Time

crash bandicoot tornado spinning akuaku mask battle

Evil Neo Cortex

evil doctor neo cortex boss enemy crash video games illustration

Aku Aku’s Vengeance

akuaku mask vengeance video game fanart media

A Virtual World

playstation world nostalgia memories crash bandicoot videogame

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