Comical SpongeBob Fan Artwork

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The SpongeBob SquarePants cartoon got its start in sunny California and has become a significant part of American culture. The series has moved into worldwide fame being translated into a number of languages. One of these languages is Japanese which surprisingly has a large fanbase.

For this gallery I have put together a number of SpongeBob illustrations and artwork from Pixiv. This is an online Japanese art network dedicated to a Japanese audience. It is surprising to find so much quality artwork posted by so many different people. This happy-go-lucky sponge has become a cartoon rockstar even in countries halfway across the globe.

Reverse Anthropomorphism

spongebob squarepants as human boy krabby patty illustration

Want a Lift?

patrick star ice cream driving car silly illustration cartoon

Annie Leonsquid

squidward tentacles fan artwork female annie leonsquid


patrick spongebob floating undersea bubble illustration artwork

Bikini Bottom Wasteland

disaster bikini bottom fan artwork spongebob illustration

Valentine SpongeBob

patrick mister krabs plankton spongebob valentines day artwork


spongebob patrick illustration fanart cartoons laughing funny

Girl Bob

custom spongebob outfit costume girl artwork illustration

Underwater Concert

spotlight spongebob singing stage illustration

The Many Faces of SB

many funny faces spongebob sponge illustration fanart

Krusty Krew Personified

human beings krusty krabs spongebob squidward personification

Wanna Have Some Fun?

sandy cheeks daredevil dark outfit illustration

Bikini Bottom World in Kingdom Hearts

spongebob krusty keyblade kingdom hearts fanart illustration

The Gang

spongebob personified humans plankton patrick star

Fun Balloons

patrick spongebob squarepants balloons fun illustration fanart

Sponge and Squid

coworkers spongebob squidward illustration fanart designs

Patricia Star

girl pink hair anime patrick star fanart illustration

Good Morning, Ladies!

squidward eugene harold krabs spongebob human girls fanart illustration creative

Adorable Sandy Cheeks

sandy cheeks squirrel underwater dome bikini bottom fanart

Welcome to my Pineapple

spongebob squarepants lives pineapple house bikini bottom artwork


squidward tentacles spongebob cartoon artwork fanart

Underwater Adventures

squidward spongebob jellyfishing net illustration fun

I’m Ready!

painting digital artwork spongebob pixiv design

SpongeBob and Doraemon

spongebob characters cartoons doraemon ドラえもん fanart crossover

His Pants are Square

spongebob squarepants illustration sitting rock bikini bottom

A Class Act

spongebob squarepants bubbles classy fanart illustration

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