Huge Collection of Dexter’s Laboratory Fan Artwork

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Kids who grew up on Cartoon Network in the 1990s will have to remember this series. Whether you ever watched it or not, Dexter’s Laboratory was an extremely popular cartoon that ran a total of 4 seasons. Lots of inside jokes and a lot of really funny character personalities for the boy-genius Dexter, his sister Dee Dee, and their parents + various friends.

I’ve gone through DeviantArt putting together some of the most impressive pieces of artwork created by fans of the show. These pieces mostly feature Dexter, but they also incorporate alternative characters such as Mandark. These are some truly beautiful images and I hope this gallery can provoke fond memories of a creative and whimsical cartoon.

Cutesy Dexter

dexters lab fanart artwork dexter big eyes

Blossom and Dexter

powerpuff girls blossom dexter laboratory

Mixin’ Chemicals

dexters lab fanart mixing chemicals deedee

Digital Coloring

dexter boy genius laboratory fan artwork

Dexter’s Girls

deedee leelee meemee friends dexters lab illustration

Playing Penumbra

dexter mandark playing computer video game


dexters lab punch mandark illustration


dexter dee dee in the lab painting

Rainy Day

dexter mandark illustration fanart rainy day

Study Date

dee dee mandark study date library fanart

Xmas Love

christmas holiday love deedee mandark

Puppet Pals Mitch & Clem

puppet pals TV mitch clem dexters laboratory

Dial M for Monkey

dexters laboratory artwork monkey superhero

Quackor the Fowl

mandark ducky quackor evil fan artwork

Laboratory Rivals

dexter mandark rivals laboratory cartoon artwork

A Chooba Chabba Cheeba

dexters lab fan artwork koosalagoopagoop

Dexter with Action Hank

action hank dexters laboratory fan artwork

The Justice Friends

infraggable krunk major glory valhallen artwork

Valhallen God of Rock

valhallen justice friend guitar illustration

Justice Friends, Assemble!

the justice friends assemble fan artwork

Suited Up

dexters lab fanart dexter robot suit

Muffin Time!

dexters lab muffin dad fan artwork illustration

You like ponies, don’t you Dexter?

spongebob deedee dexter meme little pony illustration

Dexter’s Lab Poster

green poster dexter dee dee fanart

Dexter’s Mom

dexter and deedee mom fan artwork

White Swan Black Swan

dee dee and lalavava dancers illustration

Heroes + Villains

dexter deedee mandark illustration artwork costumes

Trick or Treat

dexters lab mom deedee halloween artwork

The Best Gift of All

dexter chemistry set sister deedee artwork

School Dance Comic

dexter mandark dee dee dance comic strip

Magazine Cover

dexters laboratory magazine cover artwork


valentines day chemistry cute artwork dexters lab

Maniacal Dexter

dexter laboratory the scientist artwork deviantart

And Koosy Makes Three

koosalagoopagoop koosy deedee mandark illustration

In Dexter’s Lab

dexters laboratory robot things go boom illustration

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