Charming Examples of Adventure Time Tattoos

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After growing up on Cartoon Network when I was a kid, it’s been weird seeing all the new series nowadays. Adventure Time is one of the funniest and strangest concepts which has been on the air for a good number of seasons. The characters & art direction become so memorable after checking out a couple episodes. I’ve scoured the Internet putting together this collection of brilliant Adventure Time tattoos worthy of a showcase.


adventure time snail tattoo artwork

Ice King Love

ice king penguins tattoo land of ooo

Land of Ooo

cartoon network tattoo chest full body photo

Lump Off

purple lumpy space princess lump off foot tattoo

Fist Bump

finn jake fist bump cartoon back tattoo

Marceline & Bubblegum

realistic human tattoo marceline vampire princess bubblegum

Cake the Cat

cake the cat basket adventure time tattoo


whywolf adventure time purple tattoo ink

Best Friends

finn jake best friends tattoo fist bump

Regal Gunter

gunter penguin crown penguin ankle tattoo


finn riding jake balloons characters tattoo

Full Sleeve

adventure time full tattoo arm sleeve ink


adventure time character faces top arm tattoo

Everything Burrito

everything burrito jake adventure time tattoo


finn thumb tattoo face adventure time

Stretchin’ Out

jake the dog stretch leg calf tattoo

Dual Portrait

finn and jake arm portrait tattoo ink

Baby Finn Marine

baby finn diaper marine hat arm tattoo

Cake and Jake

cake cat jake dog dancing tattoos photo

Peppermint Butler

peppermint butler adventure time foot tattoo


marceline vampire playing axe guitar calf leg tattoo

The AT Crew

adventure time characters big tattoo ink

Nibbs Rules

jake the dog foot tatttoo speech bubble

The Bee!

adventure time bee credits tattoo chest photo

Credit Critters

adventure time ending credits animals tattoo artwork

Tree Trunks

yellow elephant tree trunks leg tattoo

Sleeve Design

finn adventure time cake cat sleeve tattoo

Happy Adventures!

finn jake beemo bmo tattoo christmas sweaters

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