Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels Complete Series Released on DVD

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Any fans of the Hanna-Barbera Classics Collection will know about Warner Brothers ongoing release library. This old nostalgic cartoon collection is being slowly restored and published onto DVD. These are all manufacture-on-demand which means DVDs are not made in bulk and shipped to vendors. Rather the vendors have to contact WB and order a set amount for sale.

Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels is their newest complete series collection. It was released on July 23rd in a 2-disc complete set. The cartoon series originally aired back in 1977 with various repeats on Boomerang. It was one of many different cartoons which followed the Scooby-Doo comedy-mystery format.

Here’s a small plot summary from the CCTA Hanna-Barbera wiki:

After being thawed out by the beautiful Teen Angels, Captain Caveman helps them solve supernatural mysteries. Most of the show’s humor stems from Cavey’s attempts to cope with life among 20th-century humans.

The Teen Angels travel in an orange and green van, decorated with a stylized image of an angel blowing a valveless trumpet. Captain Caveman lives inside an artificial rock formation on the roof of the van. A wooden ladder with bones for rungs provides access to the “cave”.

You can pick up a copy from various online retailers which sell MOD supplies. You could also order directly from the WB Shop where it is much cheaper. The prices will generally range from $30-$45USD, plus shipping.

If you want a quicker purchase you may think about buying from Amazon which offers free shipping. But these DVDs will be available for a while and you could order from other 3rd party websites, too.

Captain Caveman is a real treasure and certainly a classic. It is nice to see the Hanna-Barbera Classics Collection filling with these beautiful retro TV shows. There are likely some other releases scheduled for later in 2013 so keep your eyes & ears open for news.

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