Bizarre Katamari Damacy Fan Artwork

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Kids who remember playing Katamari when it first came out should be able to agree on one thing: this game is weird. Not necessarily bad or good, just noticeably different in comparison to other video games. The art style has always stood out to me and this is also true in the sequel We Love Katamari.

There have been many other game releases, including an iOS title “Katamari Amore” in 2011 followed by “Touch My Katamari” in 2012. Fans adore these video games because the atmosphere is abstract and fun. The concept leaves us pondering how some Japanese developers could even think of this idea in the first place. But regardless, these examples of Katamari fan art should be a nostalgic trip through the historic design of this video game.

We Love Katamari Damacy!

we love katamari damacy 塊魂 fanart illustration

Fate Katamari

222111 fate katamari japanese pixiv illustration

Royal Family

royal prince king katamari grandfather artwork

Katamari on the Roll

katamari blue rolling prince fanart illustration

Viva Summer

long live summer katamari fun time illustration


katamari damacy characters illustration glass jar bottle

Get Well Soon

blue sick katamari prince hospital fanart

Princes and Shiba Inu

shiba inu dog with prince katamari illustration


rolling baseball katamari cousin present fanart

Soul Brother

king of cosmos disco soul brother dancing

Cousin Miso

red female miso soup prince cousin katamari

Washing & Drying

washing drying laundry outside katamari friends

Katamari x Bomberman

katamari damacy and bomberman video game artwork

The Sweet Strawberry

katamari damacy cake strawberry fruit artwork

Stars in Space

katamari prince earth stars space illustration fanart

Downtown Tokyo

katamari damacy rolling ball city tokyo japan artwork

Gin and Tonic with a Red Rose

gin tonic red rose katamari illustration artwork

Katamari Calligraphy

brush strokes ink calligraphy rainbow katamari


katamari cousin characters unique custom fanart collage


sunny day rainbow earth katamari cousins

5cm Prince

katamari lonely rolling prince short green illustration

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