Beyond Creation ‘The Aura’ is some Brutal Death Metal

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I first heard of Beyond Creation a couple months ago browsing through a list of technical death metal bands. I didn’t pay much attention at first, but the name stood out to me. Just recently I checked out their 2011 LP “The Aura” and I was blown away.

These guys really are brutal and some of the tracks rage on for 7+ minutes in total. The album itself lasts almost an hour which is some pretty nice driving music. I enjoy listening when I know I’ll be on the highway for a while – it keeps me focused and energized. Damn I love metal. You never know which riff is coming up next!

What I really like is the combination of guitar and drum tracks, the harmony is beautiful. Not that the notes are actually harmonious but the combination of hectic beats and specialized licks put together a symphony of death. There are small bits where you might even consider this melodic death… until you get to the crazy riffs that make you truly appreciate progressive songwriting.

The band has a large following on Facebook which includes more details about their founding. The guys are based out of Montreal, Canada with 4 members. Simon Girard does vocals along with playing guitar – and if their FB page is any indication of truth, these guys aren’t afraid to experiment with 7-string or 8-string instruments. Yeah pretty crazy.

If you have the time please check out their full LP ‘The Aura’ free on Bandcamp. You can stream all the tracks for free and if you like their stuff, it’s only a $10 digital download purchase. Each song is pretty unique and it’s nice to hear such crazy beats coming out of modern metal bands.

I don’t have much information in the way of future releases. It appears the band is currently signed with Season of Mist. That label helped them put out this LP in 2011. But regardless of labels I do hope these guys will be able to put out some more stuff in the near future.

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