Beautiful Water Pokémon Fan Artwork Gallery

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The Pokémon series has been around for a long time and produced countless video games. I love to focus on designs related to many various characters & creatures from the games. This specific showcase is dedicated to lovely water Pokémon. All of the designs were created by fans of the series and published onto the Japanese social networking site Pixiv.

Many of these graphics take a look at some of the earlier monsters from Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn. But I’ve also slipped in some newer generations as well. There are now over 600 different Pokémon so it is tough squeezing all of them into a design gallery. But I have tried to organize some of the most creative, unique, and awe-inspiring pictures of many lovable ocean & water-based Pokémon. Let us know if you have any favorite designs or suggestions for new artwork galleries in the future.

Majestic Lugia

ocean legendary bird water johto lugia

Water Companions

water starters companions squirtle totodile mudkip oshawott froakie


blue purple dewgong pokemon ice underwater


lanturn underwater dive cave cavern fanart


gen3 pokemon surskit water bug leaf nature

Marine Tube

generation 5 pokemon marine aquarium fanart

Training with Misty

misty kanto gym leader water training


slowbro ocean rock chillin fan artwork

Wartortle Looking Cool

wartortle sunglasses cool guy gang illustration

Octillery Loves Eevee

octillery kissing eevee love hearts

Panpour & Simipour

panpour simipour water pokemon gen5 illustration


pokemon underwater quillfish wwilfish rare

Crawdaunt & Dragonair

crawdaunt dragonair illustration lagoon pokemon


relicanth pokemon underwater rare illustration fanart

Wandering Psyduck

yellow duck pokemon psyduck twig land illustration


baby psyduck floating lilypad headache illustration


the ocean kingdra sea dragon pokemon illustration

Summer Playtime

gastrodon shellos beach water playing illustration


water ground pokemon swamps illustration artwork

Swimming Vaporeon

eevee vaporeon under water swimming artwork

Playing Downtown

marril vaporeon pikachu playing water downtown

Frillish Saves Hilda

gen5 hilda pokemon frillish underwater fanart

The Ancient Sea

ancient extinct sea creatures omanyte omastar

Frillish and Clamperl

pink frillish clamperl underwater pokemon illustration

Misty’s Team

misty gym leader water pokemon team illustration

Underwater Love

emerald trainer mantyke marshtomp luvdisc ocean

Mr. Huntail and Mrs. Gorebyss

married love huntail gorebyss evolution pokemon illustration


pink underwater coral pokemon corsola illustration

Tyrant Sharpedo

dangerous shark pokemon sharpedo ocean

Brock Under The Sea

brock underwater sharpedo luvdisc pokemon illustration

Seal Tricks

spheal seel walrein ice water pokemon illustration

Shellder & Cloyster

deep dive underwater shellder cloyster pokemon illustration

Diving With Everyone

wailord wailmer luvdisc tirtouga underwater pokemon illustration

Marine Fishing

underwater marine life fishing pokemon illustration

Hilbert Likes Mudkips

liek mudkips heard hilbert gen5 illustration artwork

Rain Performance

ludicolo politoed dragonite pokemon dancing illustration

Living in Different Worlds

pokemon flareon vaporeon underwater world illustration

The Water Starters

water starter pokemon pond river playing illustration

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