Showcase of Banjo-Kazooie Fan Artwork Designs

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Remembering titles like Banjo-Kazooie is well worth the nostalgia trip. The game was developed and published by Rare, the same company who also made the Donkey Kong Country games.

Banjo is a lovable honey bear who travels with his red-crested breegull named Kazooie. The game has a series of spinoff games including a direct sequel named Banjo-Tooie. In this design gallery I’ve organized works that focus on many characters from this fictitious world. Others who love classic gaming will definitely appreciate this small yet noteworthy collection of fan artwork.

Backpack Surprise

banjo kazooie game illustration japan backpack funny

Big Adventure

banjo bear artwork backpack funny adventure illustration

Jigsaw Piece

golden jigsaw video game piece artwork banjotooie


banjo tooie industries skivvy rabbit


mumbo jumbo skull shaman villain banjo kazooie artwork


weldar boss battle grunty industries fanart

Gobi’s Valley

banjo bear kazooie bird valley vine gobi artwork


spinoff video game artwork banjo pilot

Gruntilda Winkybunion

gruntilda grunty witch green face banjo villain

Lord of Games

banjo kazooie nuts bolts log computer games illustration


team of heroes banjo kazooie fan artwork japanese

I Love Banjo!

japanese pixiv fan artwork collage illustration banjokazooie tribute


red breegull bird kazooie fanart golden jigsaw pieces

Mr. Patch Battle

witchyworld boss patch green dinosaur trex banjo tooie

Kazooie Girl

kazooie realism artwork human being crossover

Wart Brain on a Broomstick

grunty witch dark hair banjo kazooie broomstick artwork

Snack Break

honeycomb bear banjo kazooie artwork fanart designs

Fellow Cast Members

banjo kazooie tooie games series characters enemies artwork

Big Fish

banjo kazooie swimming underwater fish enemy artwork japanese

Jinjos or Minjos?

fanart gaming n64 minjo jinjo banjo series illustration

Memories from Rare Ltd.

diddy donkey kong banjo kazooie rare ltd video game memories

The Country of Candy

fictional world candy sweets banjo kazooie fanart japanese

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