Clever Baking Photos of Cake Design on Instagram

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The many users on Instagram come up with the craziest tags. These are so funny yet exotic, it really shows how dynamic the Internet has become. As such I’ve gone through a number of funny tags including #instacake and #cakestagram, among many others. This gallery includes beautiful cake pictures shared by people all around the world.

Birth of a Baby

its a boy little baby cake shaped design cute

Spots & Stars

spots stars mr tumble cake design buttercream birthday


bmw car auto wheel logo cake design

Cute Monster Cake

purple monster cake 3 eyes dairyqueen photo

Monster University

disney pixar monster university cake design

Horse Stable

cowboy birthday cake horse stable design dessert


jujitsu karate kimono cake design artist

The Cheshire Cat

cheshire cat alice in wonderland cake design bakery

Larger Wonderland

large alice in wonderland cake design teapot card soldiers

The Dark Knight

dark knight batman gotham city cake

Red Velvet Mushroom

super mario cake design red velvet mushroom

Smilin’ Tigger

peaches japanese pink cake design tigger winnie the pooh

At The Movies

movie tickets soda popcorn cake design artwork

Modeling Shoot

cameraman women bed models photos cake design

Thanksgiving Turkey

brown orange thanksgiving turkey cake design

Soccer Field

american soccer field sports green cake


allstar converse blue sneaker cake design photo

Pigs in Mud

melted chocolate kit kats candy cake design funny

Marine Corps

marine corps cake design chocolate raspberry

The South Park Gang

stan kyle cartman kenny south park cake design

Stripper Cake

hot pink girl silhouette outline stripper cake art

Halloween Castle Cake

spooky ghosts halloween haunted castle cake design

Nightmare Before Christmas

jack skellington graveyard hill nightmare christmas movie cake


cute mans womans anniversary suit dress cake design

Santa Cake

santa claus white beard christmas cake design

Abominable Snow Monster

rudolph red nosed reindeer abominable snow monster yukon cornelius

Chocolate Peppermint

small chocolate peppermint christmas cake candy canes

Baby Shower

blue bird twigs cake outdoors nature baby shower

Gumball Machine

pink novelty cake gumball machine cakeart

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