20 Best Animal Crossing Plushies & Stuffed Animals

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animal crossing plushies

The original Animal Crossing first released in April 2001. It’s been well over 15 years and this series has more worldwide fame than ever before.

And since it’s published by Nintendo it has a long line of merchandise including plushies of many characters from the iconic game series.

I’ve curated a huge list of Animal Crossing plushies covering some of the rarest and most exclusive plush toys you’ll find. Some of these plushies will be incredibly valuable to collectors. Others make cute decorations for your home office, or as stuffed animals for your kids. No matter why you like plushies this list is sure to have something for you.

1. Forest Boy Villager

animal crossing boy character fishing rod plush

Every Animal Crossing game lets you play as either a boy or a girl. Since this is your main playable character it only makes sense to create a plush doll out of this.

The Boy Villager plush has many variations: one fishing, one with a net, and a plain design. I think Japan even released another boy plush design but it’s very hard to find.

I was scouring the web and found this fishing plush but the auction ended a while ago. Sadly most of the boy villager plush toys are hard to come by since they’ve been out of print for ages. But they’re perfect for decorating and keeping Animal Crossing close to home.

2. Girl Villager

animal crossing girl plush

There’s also a Girl Villager plush with many variations of this design.

If you’ve played Animal Crossing then you’ll know there are different outfits you can wear with different patterns. The girl villager plushies come in many stylish outfits and a few accessories from the game.

One plush doll features the girl character holding a net while another doll has her wielding an axe for chopping down trees. This plush was typically sold as a set with the boy plush so if you can find both then you’re one lucky duck!

3. Porter

animal crossing porter monkey plush toy

The beloved train station monkey Porter has been with the game since inception. Although he doesn’t play a huge role outside of the station he’s still a lovable character you might want hanging around your room.

Animal Crossing’s Porter plush doll measures about 8″ tall and comes right from Nintendo. It really captures his likeness in design, clothing, and style. The face is right on point!

This friendly little critter is much easier to find and his plushie is not as rare as others.

Since it was officially released outside Japan you should have an easier time finding a Porter plush for your collection.

4. Tom Nook

tom nook sweater animal crossing plushie doll

I’ve lost track of how many Tom Nook plushies are out there. You can find his plush with all the major outfits: the blue apron, the convenience store getup, and the ritzy department store sweater.

But there’s also a newer design from Animal Crossing: New Leaf where Nook dons a bright green sweater and some grey slacks. All of these plush dolls are out there, you just have to look for ‘em.

Some of the original plushes from the early 2000s may be harder to find. These were released in Japan and they mostly got US releases too, they’re just out of print by now.

Everyone loves Tom Nook so he’s definitely a staple in any plushie collection. See how many different styles you can find cause I promise there’s a lot.

5. KK Slider

wild world dog kk slider plush toy animal crossing

Another staple character that everyone loves is the infamous KK Slider. He’s known for his chill demeanor and his love of rad music.

Since he’s so prominent in all the games you can find a few KK Slider plushes of a few different varieties.

The most common is KK holding his guitar with a relaxed pose. But there’s another one of DJ KK Slider with his mixing booth and super cool glasses.

Another rare Japanese-only plushie exists out there but it’s tough to find. Still these two should be more than enough for any KK fanatic.

6. Redd

crazy redd market kitsune fox plush toy

Redd’s first appearance in the game brought a lot of overpriced items with some rarities you couldn’t find anywhere else. He’s one of the more eccentric characters and his plush design is absolutely gorgeous.

The Crazy Redd plushie is fairly easy to find but it’s no longer in print. Because of this you may end up paying a pretty penny just to own one.

This plushie was exclusive to Japan released sometime in the mid-2000s after Animal Crossing’s wild ride to stardom. Some copies are out there but they are definitely a rarity to find cheap.

But Redd is one fox that every true Animal Crossing fan will want in their collection.

7. Postman Pete

post office bird pete animal crossing plush

On rare occasions you can catch a glimpse of Postman Pete delivering mail to the post office. He’s a hard-working pelican who ensures that all letters get to their destinations on time.

If you love this little pelican you may like a Pete plushie with full uniform and everything.

This is another one of those hard-to-find plushies since it was primarily released in Japan. It comes with the full green uniform and should get you excited for new mail.

8. Copper

copper animal crossing police dog plush

There were two main dogs guarding every new village: Copper and Booker. They’re polar opposites but they usually do their job well.

The Copper plushie was originally released in Japan but has been imported by collectors over the years. It’s your typical plushie size measuring about 8″ tall.

But this one comes with a full uniform and his trademark stick/baton thing. A true lifelike recreation of your village’s hardest-working cadet.

9. Booker

booker bulldog police animal crossing plush toy

If you want a complete police station set then look out for a Booker plushie too. This is Copper’s sidekick and he’s the more laid-back of the two dogs.

Booker got a plush doll in Japan at the same time as the Copper plushie. They were released only in Japan so they are tougher to find. But the attention to detail is glorious and this is one plushie you won’t wanna live without!

The Booker & Copper duo makes one hell of a team and they can guard your office or bedroom 24/7.

10. Blathers

blathers owl animal crossing plushie

Blathers is that crazy sleeping owl you always find in the museum. Well, at least he was always sleeping when I visited!

There are two different Blathers plush dolls out in the wild. First is a Japanese exclusive with Blathers in his typical museum attire. The other is Blathers holding a bug cage with a butterfly inside.

Both are adorable and they’re both equally difficult to find. I can’t say this is the rarest plushie out there but you might spend a while searching just to find one.

I loved this darn owl so if you’re like me then you’ll scour the web just to track down a copy of this crazy guy.

11. Wendell

wendell walrus travelling artist patterns plush

Wendell is the big blue walrus turned traveling salesman. He was around since the very first N64 game exclusive to Japan so Wendell’s mark on Animal Crossing burns deep.

There is an official Wendell plush although it’s not the easiest to find. He’s holding a mystery item that resembles those rare wallpapers he’d hand out in the game. His stereotypical “starving artist” bit never gets old, nor does his chronic fatigue that seems never ending.

Animal Crossing fans should be patient when trying to find this plushie. It does get out there but it’s certainly not one of the easiest plushes to locate from this collection.

12. Rover

rover animal crossing plushie

The very first animal you meet in the original Animal Crossing game is Rover. He’s a blue cat-like creature who helps you get acquainted to the world.

If this little guy means a lot to you then check out this Rover plush. It measures about 8″ tall like many of the others and it’s an official plushie released by Nintendo.

Thankfully this one did come over to the west so it’s a lot easier to find. It has Rover donning his classic argyle sweater and that shade of blue we’ve all grown to love.

13. Mr. Resetti

mole animal crossing resetti angry banpresto plush

On the opposite side of the isle is an annoying mole man called Mr. Resetti. This guy popped up whenever you’d reset your game or turn it off without saving.

He may have been a little harsh back in the day but it’s clear to see he was just trying to help. And you can be reminded of his tough love every day with a Mr. Resetti plush toy.

This mole man actually has a few different releases with one plushie dating back to the original 2001 Animal Crossing launch. That one is exclusive to Japan so it’s tough to find. But here in the west there’s another Resetti plushie that’s just as fun.

It comes equipped with his little pick axe and his mining hat for the full effect. Not to mention his face is designed in that classic angry look we’ve all seen far too many times.

14. Isabelle

isabelle shizue yellow dog animal crossing plush

According to this list Isabelle ranks the #1 most popular Animal Crossing character of all time. That’s quite an accomplishment!

She’s a yellow dog with a cute hair bun and some very conservative clothes. Her first appearance was in Animal Crossing: New Leaf so she may not look familiar to older players.

But for anyone following the game series you can nab your very own Isabelle plushie with varying outfits. This includes the traditional green sweater but there’s another version with Isabelle’s yellow sweater for winter.

15. Margie(Sally)

sally doll plush animal crossing elephant

Another lovable villager is Margie the elephant. She goes by the name Sally in the Japanese version so she’s one of the few characters that has been around since the game’s inception.

The Margie plush can also be found under “Sally” when you search because it’s an original from Japan. There are a couple different versions but they all feature her traditional floral pattern and very strange yellow cap.

And her plushie even comes with a bag on her back so you can store little stuff in there: candy, gum, or maybe some money folded up reeeeal small.

An adorable plushie if you can find it and certainly a collector’s dream.

16. Kapp’n

kappn green turtle animal crossing plush toy

The old crusty green turtle Kapp’n first appeared in the original Animal Crossing as a ferry operator. He sails you over to a hidden island if you connect your Gamecube with a GBA link cable.

His role carries into all the other games as a taxi driver, bus driver, and yes a rowboat captain. The Kapp’n plush is not a huge rarity and there are a couple different variations out there.

Most were released in the west so you won’t need to worry about importing from Japan. They all feature Kapp’n with his Hawaiian button down and his breezy shorts. Although if you can find the original plushie from Japan it sports his classic blue vest which is from the original GCN game.

Either way you won’t have trouble finding a Kapp’n plush for yourself with a beautiful design.

17. Pascal

pascal red sea otter animal crossing plushie doll

First appearing in Wild World is the red sea otter Pascal. He’s somewhat of a deep thinker and philosopher always willing to share his thoughts with anyone.

And believe it or not there is an official Pascal plushie measuring about 8″ tall. This is a Japan-only exclusive and it’s in the same pack as Crazy Redd’s plush. That means if you do find one be sure to nab it quick cause these don’t stick around too often!

It features his clam-shaped beanie with his shell necklace and his traditional suspenders.

The Pascal plushie is adorable for anyone that can find it and well worth adding to an Animal Crossing merch collection.

18. Mabel

mabel sister animal crossing plush

The Able Sisters tailoring shop appeared in the very first game where the two sisters Mabel and Sable worked together on designs for clothing. These two carried over into many later games and have since become staples in Animal Crossing.

Unfortunately I’ve yet to find a Sable plush that wasn’t fan-made. But there is a Mabel plush created and released officially by Nintendo. It’s straight from Japan so this will cost a bit more than the plushies we get here in the states.

But the likeness is uncanny and it’s a real big plushie! It prominently features her rosy red cheeks and the green+white checkered garment she’s always wearing around the shop.

This plush was a promo release with the Animal Crossing movie in Japan so it is a rarity. But you can always find copies lying around if you search hard enough.

19. Brewster

brewster animal crossing plushie toy

A clever combination of “brewing” and “rooster” gave birth to Brewster. He’s a fun-loving bespectacled barkeep with a penchant for running the best bar in town.

If you hold a special place for this crazy rooster you might pick up a Brewster plushie to call your own.

This measures 8″ tall and it fits the standard design of Brewster with his apron, bow tie, glasses, and funky handlebar mustache. Luckily this plushie was officially released outside of Japan so you can find it at a great price.

And there are plenty of these to go around so you shouldn’t have trouble tracking one down.

20. Gyroid

gyroid plush doll

Last but certainly not least is the crazy Gyroid plushie released only in Japan. This is one that I really wish made it over to the states because I love the gyroids—they’re so cute!

This plush uses the “normal” gyroid design that you find all throughout the game. It’s designed much like the gyroid you find outside your house so it’s memorable even for old-school Animal Crossing fans.

However this is one of the rarest plushies in the entire list and you’ll probably have trouble locating one.

But if you can nab one I guarantee you’ll love it. This little guy is a prized possession for Animal Crossing fans all over the world.

So that’s my list! I hope there’s something here you may wanna call your own.

Granted this only scratches the surface of Animal Crossing’s massive plushie library so there’s a lot more you can find. If you wanna see what else is out there try searching around and see if any other plushes catch your eye.

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