All Five Halloween Monster Cereals To Be Released by General Mills

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Most kids today still remember getting the Halloween-themed monster cereals every year during October. These have been released since the late 1970s when General Mills first started producing Count Chocula and Frankenberry. The idea started as a chocolate & strawberry breakfast cereal treat which evolved to include blueberry(Boo Berry) and two fruity-flavored cereals.

Unless you were a kid growing up during the ’70s or mid-to-late ’80s then you probably don’t remember Fruit Brute or Yummy Mummy. The first release under Fruit Brute came in 1974 as a fruity cereal with lime marshmellows. I have never personally had this but I would be a little wary.

fruit frute brute cereal commercial wolf screen

1987 saw the release of Yummy Mummy which was a very similar idea. The cereal was fruit-flavored while the marshmallows were now vanilla. Somewhat more appetizing, but neither of these later cereals remained on the shelf for too long. And so to my surprise it is truly amazing to hear that General Mills will be producing all 5 of these cereals again for 2013.

A recent blog post on i-mockery even obtained a rendering of what the new boxes will look like. General Mills is re-naming Fruit Brute to be spelled like “Frute” and they both follow a similar design as the other monster cereals.

Most of us are interested just to re-live that small sense of childhood nostalgia digging into a bowl of Halloween cereal again. But undoubtedly there will always be people happy to save the boxes as collector’s items. And so now for the even more exciting news…

all monster cereal boxes retro new design packaging

Target stores around the country will be selling copies of the old classic box designs for all 5 cereals. If you prefer the older designs from “back in the day” then you are in luck! I am sure these older retro boxes will end up selling on eBay just a few months after distribution.

There is no official release date coming from General Mills. Although an article on Daily Finance mentions that nationwide distribution should begin around early September. These cereals are only offered for the first couple months of Autumn so be sure to grab them while still in stores.

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