Beautiful Adventure Time Artwork of Fionna and Cake

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Adventure Time created by Pendleton Ward is one of the strangest cartoon series I have ever watched. It’s got a lot of funny stuff centered around this mystical fictitious Land of Ooo. In S03E09 “Fionna and Cake” we are introduced to some new characters which are kind-of like a girly spinoff from Finn and Jake.

This alternate storyline follows some other alter-ego characters like Prince Gumball and the Ice Queen. It’s really a clever bit which stands out among the many other episodes in this series. I have put together a small collection of artwork related to Fionna, Cake, Gumball, and this very creative alternate series full of unique ideas.

Moonlight Adventure

moonlight adventure fionna cake cat marshall lee vampire king fanart

Girl Talk!

girls talk cake fionna adventure time fanart

My Other Self

fionna self illustration big rabbit ears

Finn and Fionna

blonde adventure time boy girl illustration

Licking Wounds

finn fionna battle wounds licking funny illustration

Floating in a Heart

pink fionna cake girls heart bubble illustration

Fionna and Prince Gumball

fionna love prince gumball characters illustration

Big Cake

oversized cake stretchy fionna playing fanart

Fall Leaves

fionna cake adventure time falling sky leaves

Bad Little Boy

marshall vampire king playing guitar bad boy illustration

Bad Little Couple

fionna marshall together illustration bad boy girl

Drawing Time

fionna cake illustration adventure drawing time

Prince Gumball Baking

pink prince gumball illustration pixiv baking cookies

Pink Hues

pink princess bubblegum fionna friends hugging illustration

White Dress

fionna dressy white fashion illustration flowers

Catching a Shooting Star

marshall lee fionna caught a shooting star sky

Girl Time!

girls adventure time fionna bubblegum ice queen flame princess

Two Sides of the Same Coin

adventure time finn fionna battle ice king queen bubblegum gumball

Do You Love Me?

fionna gumball cake illustration adventure time

Beautiful Wings

cake fionna butterfly wings flying illustration

Trick or Treck

halloween fionna adventure time fanart trick or treat

Merry Christmas

christmas holiday finn fionna cake artwork illustration

Fionna and Cake Anime

japanese pixiv artwork adventure time fionna cake

Ready for Battle

fionna cake stretchy battle stance illustration

The Red Sword

battle illustration fionna dress ice queen


fionna kiss finn illustration adventure time cute

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