60 Creative Thrash Metal Album Cover Artwork Designs

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Heavy Metal and more specifically Thrash Metal are among my favorite genres of music. Looking back over the decades, heavy metal really transformed my ability to write music. I know this is true of many other musicians I have talked to. Metal is just a genre of music that attacks and dissects you – ready or not it’s coming. Those who choose to keep listening often find exactly what they were looking for.

I started listening when I was 15 but age is really just a number. Everybody has their own story of how they got into the music. Taking into consideration the early 80s thrash bands up until present day, I have cataloged a gallery of over 60 various album covers. This showcase is meant to be a look at the artwork itself, as opposed to placing judgement on the band or the music. A lot of heavy metal bands use outlandish eye-catching covers which itself is truly a distinct work of artistic beauty. If I missed any good ones feel free to share in the post comments.

Tempo of the Damned – Exodus

exodus album tempo of the damned artwork

The New Order – Testament

the new order testament album cover artwork

Souls of Black – Testament

testament souls of black cover sleeve art

Time Does Not Heal – Dark Angel

dark angel metal album time heal cover artwork sleeve

Reign in Blood – Slayer

slayer thrash metal classic reign in blood cover sleeve

Product of Society – Defiance

defiance 1989 thrash album product of society cover

The Prophecy – Defiance

sleeve album cover defiance the prophecy artwork

Distortion – Forbidden

distortion forbidden thrash metal band album cover

The Evolution of Chaos – Heathen

heathen thrash metal band album evolution of chaos cover

Outer Isolation – Vektor

space album sleeve cover outer isolation vektor

By Inheritance – Artillery

1990 album cover sleeve artillery by inheritance

Frontal Assault – Angel Witch

thrash metal album cover angel witch frontal assault

Cracked Brain – Destruction

destruction thrash metal album cover sleeve cracked brain

Vicious Nightmare – Strike Master

strike master band album cover vicious nightmare

Epidemic of Violence – Demolition Hammer

demolition hammer thrash metal band epidemic of violence cover

The Courts of Chaos – Manilla Road

manilla road band thrash album cover courts of chaos

Ear Piercing Thrash – Bio Cancer

bio cancer full album cover art ear piercing thrash

Fast Loud Death – Lost Society

lost society band thrash fast loud death cover artwork

Sanctified – Morgana Lefay

thrash metal band morgana lefay cover sanctified 1995

For Humanity – Game Over

game over band thrash album cover artwork for humanity

Act III – Death Angel

death angel thrash metal band album act iii cover

Eternal Nightmare – Vio-lence

violence thrash metal band old albums eternal nightmare

Collision Course – Paradox

paradox metal album cover sleeve collision course

Terrible Certainty – Kreator

german thrash metal kreator terrible certainty album cover

Swallowed in Black – Sadus

thrash metal band sadus album cover sleeve swallowed in black

The Sins of Mankind – Cancer

cancer full album cover sleeve the sins of mankind

Based on Evil – Tantara

tantara 2012 thrash metal album based on evil cover

Violent by Nature – Atrophy

atrophy violent by nature album cover 1990

Rust in Peace – Megadeth

megadeth thrash metal album cover rust in peace

The System Has Failed – Megadeth

megadeth album cover system has failed artwork

Operational Hazard – Condition Critical

condition critical by operational hazard band album artwork

Time of Slaughters – Amethyst

thrash metal amethyst time of slaughters cover

The Old Family Is Still Alive – National Suicide

national suicide old family still alive album cover

Convicted – Cryptic Slaughter

thrash band cryptic slaughter convicted cover art

Blood Money – Guillotine

thrash metal 2012 politics cover blood money guillotine

A Shedding of Skin – Protector

shedding of skin album cover thrash protector

Evil in the Night – Merciless Death

evil in the night album cover artwork merciless death

Violent MetalStorm – Gae Bolga

thrash band 2011 album cover violent metalstorm age bolga

Sorceress Bitch – Witchtrap

witchtrap band metal album artwork cover sorceress bitch

Independent – Sacred Reich

1993 thrash metal band sacred reich independent cover

Origin of Extinction – Mortillery

mortillery 2013 thrash album cover origin of extinction

Radioactive Intervention – Dr. Living Dead!

thrash band dr living dead radioactive intervention album cover

The Sane Asylum – Blind Illusion

the sane asylum blind illusion metal album cover artwork

Hazardous Mutation – Municipal Waste

thrash metal band municipal waste hazardous mutation cover

Will Work for Food – Uncle Slam

usa thrash metal uncle slam cover art will work for food

Fishdick – Acid Drinkers

thrash metal band acid drinkers 1994 album fishdick cover

A Higher Form of Killing – Intruder

thrash band intruder album sleeve cover higher form of killing

The Underworld – Evildead

evildead modern thrash metal cover the underworld

Scenarios of Brutality – Violator

violator band metal album 2013 scenarios of brutality

Grin – Coroner

face mask album cover green coroner grin

Rising from the Sea – Exumer

exumer 1987 album cover rising from the sea

Survive – Nuclear Assault

survive nuclear assault 1988 album cover artwork

Time Is Up – Havok

havok thrash music album cover time is up 2012

The Brutal State – Exarsis

exarsis brutal state artwork cover metal album 2013

Unborn Again – Whiplash

unborn again metal album cover artwork whiplash

Under the Influence – Overkill

metal album cover artwork under the influence overkill

Infected Nations – Evile

evile band thrash metal infected nations album cover

Annihilatia – Razormaze

2013 thrash metal album cover artwork annihilatia razormaze

Hell’s Domain – Hell’s Domain

autumn 2013 new thrash metal hells domain album cover

Menace II Sobriety – Cross Examination

menace ii society cross examination album cover 2008

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