30 Amazing Leg and Thigh Tattoos

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In a previous post I wrote about full-arm tattoo sleeves which got a lot of attention. There is so much creative artwork out there and tattoos have become a focal point in society. This gallery contains photos of beautiful tattoo artwork on people’s calves, thighs, and other leg areas. Some are cute and others are crazy but these designs are sure to captivate your imagination.

Bird & Butterfly

thigh colorful tattoos bird butterfly instagram photo

Blooming Flower

girl calf leg tattoo artwork ink design orange

Buzz Lightyear Minion

buzz lightyear toy story despicable minion tattoo

Mr. and Mrs. Frankenstein

frankenstein monster couple married tattoo

Dropping Bombs

bombs leg calf tattoo military wicked women

Bishop And The Little Prince Tattoo Studio

full legs colorful tattoo artwork scenery abstract

Friday the 13th

jason voorhees friday 13th horror leg tattoo

Grim Reaper

black death grim reaper traditional tattoo leg

Pink Flamingo

leg tattoo artwork pink flamingo bird

Hummingbird Catcher

dream catcher hummingbird tattoo leg thigh

Sailor and Lighthouse

ocean ship sailor lighthouse thigh tattoos

Message in a Bottle

girl leg tattoo blue message in a bottle

The Joker

cartoon joker batman calf tattoo inspiring

Hood Girl

wolf hood girl face green eyes skull calf tattoo

Alice in Wonderland Roses

playing cards alice in wonderland roses illustration tattoo

Cartoon Grumpy Cat

cute grumpy cat cartoon tattoo thigh leg artwork

Sun and Moon

polar opposites sun moon tattoo leg inspiration


william jackman action tattoos leg thigh top hat man

Toy Soldier

handlebar mustache toy soldier thigh tattoo ink


mermaid woman thigh tattoo ocean inspiring

Skull Kid

skull kid tael fairy legend of zelda majora tattoo

The Red Fox

big red fox rose flower thigh tattoo artwork

Crescent Moon Woman

andrea giulimondi dark haired woman moon tattoo

Mystical Unicorn

magical mystic unicorn purple pink thigh tattoo

Burning Chapel

fire church building burn chapel gullycat tattoo baylen levore

Big Dreamcatcher

leg thigh dreamcatcher tattoo big beautiful artwork

Shin Daggers

colorful leg thigh tattoos shins daggers photo


creative pink jellyfish design thigh tattoo

Leg Details

detailed legs tattoos calves feet girls inspiring crazy


single leg full tattoo calf foot artwork

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