Artwork of Rapunzel and Disney’s Tangled

Although Disney isn’t the first to recreate Rapunzel’s story into a cartoon, their latest film Tangled was a huge success. I’ll admit that I enjoyed the story quite a bit myself. Also her hair is just so awesome… as with most Rapunzel characters. In commemoration of this folk tale I’ve put together a stunning gallery focused on Rapunzel and other characters you might find in her story. If you’re a Disney fan then you’ll really love these unique designs.

The Flower Girl

flower girl long blonde hair rapunzel

Love like Music

beautiful music rapunzel prince kingdom anime

Merry Christmas

disney tangled rapunzel christmas flynn rider

Twisting Braids

rapunzel trapped in tower long hair

Saved by Santa

rapunzel tower santa claus christmas

Original Design

original rapunzel design fanart blonde hair

The Queen of Hair

realistic illustration drawing rapunzel hair design

I See the Light

rapunzel drawing illustration boat lights disney

Silent Reading

rapunzel reading book watercolor

Artist at Work

artist at work tangled rapunzel paints

Green Hair

anime green hair redesign rapunzel

Insane Landscapes

red hair rapunzel scissors crazy design

Snack Time

original blonde rapunzel tea pie eating

Disney Love

tangled rapunzel flynn boat lights castle


rapunzel dark haired girl playtime tangled

Happily Ever After

flynn rapunzel tangled storyline disney fanart

Sleepy Time

rapunzel beauty princess sleeping long hair

Fairy Tales

rapunzel tangled tower trapped freedom

Hi-Tech Era

big city tokyo technology tower rapunzel

Fan Interpretation

original artwork rapunzel toys hair

Awaiting the Prince

rapunzel prince savior freedom long hair

The Team

rapunzel long hair frying pan flynn rider

Out There

tangled rapunzel windowsill freedom hope illustration

Easter Decorations

happy easter disney tangled rapunzel

A Lovely Couple

flynn rider rapunzel iguana pascal fanart

The Floating Lights

queen lanterns tangled rapunzel boat

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