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Minecraft Greenery

My cousin convinced me to download a little game he so raved about onto my tablet.  Minecraft pocket edition.  He began building stuff like houses and caves, then started playing survival against my sister’s boyfriend.  I picked up the tablet and started playing.  A co-worker reminded me that when I confessed I didn’t play video games, that he specifically mentioned Minecraft as one to not be dissed or dismissed.

At first what I thought to be a giant game of Lego’s soon became an escape into a world I owned.  I could build towers and destroy monsters with arrows.  I can collect their things and craft weapons.  My male sense of protection came over me and granted me the thrill of creating and expanding my domains in all 3 dimensions.

It’s interesting to see how others respond to the same game, but a creative spin.  The following images are collected from Pixiv.  They are all artwork from enthusiasts gathering inspiration from Minecraft.  A lot of these are from the PC version 1.7.4 or thereabouts.

Mob Party

Minecraft Mob Party

Moonlight Mining with a Pig

Minecraft Pickax Pig

Steve-amashi vs. Enderman

Minecraft RPG Fight

Skeleton with Bow and Arrow

Minecraft Skeleton Arrow

Hey, It’s Steve

Minecraft Steve

Creeper Chases Steve

Minecraft Creeper Steve Chase

WTF is a Wither?

Minecraft Wither

Endergirl with Grass Block

Minecraft Dirt Endergirl

Creeper Cave

Minecraft Creeper Cave

Creeper’s Pet

Minecraft Creeper Dog

The Gunpowder Addict

Minecraft Creeper Gunpowder Addict

Creeper Irony

Minecraft Creeper Irony

Robot Creeper

Minecraft Creeper Robot

Enderman’s Present for Creeper

Minecraft Enderman Creeper TNT

Enderman Funk

Minecraft Enderman Funk

Suave Enderman

Minecraft Enderman Suave

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