Mini Top Hat Designs from Etsy

Big fancy top hats are often akin to wealthy men in finely-dressed tuxedos. Glamorous parties are the typical scene where you can find such an accessory. But many people have a deep love for this fancy gentlemanly nature in fashion. Top hats are not just about wealthy or nice clothes. They can also work as entertaining accessories for nearly any occasion.

Etsy is full of beautiful work and I have featured galleries about other similar clothing accessories. For this showcase I want to share a number of mini top hat designs for true lovers of this fashion style. Designers often like to add their own personal twist and these ideas really shine through with custom products. Check out a few examples of these super-minified top hats. This fashion may not be exactly the right style for you – but it sure is fun to look at!


green mad hatter tophat design mini photo

Oversized Flower Piece

purple top hat flower piece product etsy

Dr. Suess

doctor seuss hat top hat stripes etsy

Tea Party Burlesque

wonderland mad hatter tea party top hat

Black White & Pink

black white stripes pink top hat design

Victorian Riding Hat

black victorian top hat fancy etsy

Rainbow Circus

rainbow colored feather top hat design etsy

Police Box

royal blue police box tophat design etsy

Little Miss Birthday

pink top hat mustache birthday mini design

Leather Top Hat

etsy dark leather top hat design custom

Clockwork Steampunk

clockwork steampunk top hat black design etsy

Mickey and Minnie

red mickey miney disney top hat design etsy

Queen Of Hearts Top Hat

white custom top hat design queen hearts wonderland

Striped Gothic Pirate

purple black top hat design etsy stripes

Damask Mini Top Hat

pink black damask hat ostrich feather etsy

Custom Made-to-Order

customized graphics top hat design etsy

Blue Cheshire

cheshire cat mad hatter top hat design etsy

Vintage Black

black victorian quality top hat design etsy

Girl Glamour

pink black feathers top hat roses ruffles

Electric Blue Steampunk

steampunk style hat design electric blue etsy

Steampunk Utility Belt

leather top hat design utility accessory belt etsy

Handsome Black Top Hat

fancy men accessories dark top hat wealthy

Textured Mad Hatter

colors texture vintage quilt victorian top hat etsy

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