Showcase of Hey Arnold! Illustrations and Fan Arwork

The immensely popular TV show Hey Arnold! was created by Craig Bartlett during the mid ’90s. The cartoon series eventually spanned a total of five seasons producing 100 full-length episodes. It was primarily run on Nickelodeon but is now syndicated on their alternative networks such as TeenNick.

Arnold is a kid living with his grandparents who own a boarding house in the fictional city of Hillwood. Each episode follows other kids from the area as they explore life and the mysteries of growing up. Naturally such a popular series has built up a dedicated fanbase, many of whom are talented artists. I hope this gallery of Hey Arnold! design work can inspire others to reflect back on this incredible series.

Pitcher’s Mound

helga pataki harold berman baseball artwork

Batter’s Up

hey arnold baseball bat field artwork

Hey Arnold!

helga arnold hey letters illustration characters

Le Date

arnold and helga hipster date fanart design

Hillwood and P.S. 118

ps 118 high school hey arnold city world artwork

Jam Session

amps guitar gerald arnold band jamming music

Promo Cover Art

hey arnold intro cast illustration promo cover

Mr. Hyunh & Daughter

mr hyunh family reunion illustration hey arnold

Won’t Hesitate

arnold grandma dressed suit tuxedo wedding

Not-So-Secret Shrine

arnold shrine helga pataki closet illustration

Team Rocket

arnold helga team rocket pokemon crossover fanart

Rainy Day

arnold helga children kids puddle water umbrellas

Rhonda Lloyd

rich girl rhonda lloyd ps118 artwork

The Gammelthorpes

rhonda and curly gammelthorpe married children fanart

Birthday Surprise

helga arnold surprise birthday party illustration artwork

Green Envy Seats

arnold lila helga envious jealous artwork


gerald arnold best friends basketball game artwork


arnold helga crying treehouse fan artwork

Happy Halloween

hey arnold purple halloween fan artwork design

Sketch Dump

arnold helga fanart sketches drawings

Rainy Sunday

nadine rain sunday wooden fence hey arnold character


hey arnold nadine bug catching net artwork

Lila and Olga

lila olga friends laughing hey arnold fanart

Chocolate Boy

hey arnold chocolate boy fan artwork

Oskar Can’t Read

oskar kokoshka cant read hey arnold artwork

Vincent The Pigeon Man

pigeon man hey arnold character vincent artwork

Stoop Kid

stoop kid afraid leave hey arnold character

Not-So-Jolly Olly Man

jolly olly ice cream man hey arnold illustration

Hall Monitor

phoebe heyerdahl hall monitor artwork graffiti

Field Trip

arnold shortman room field trip episode artwork

24 Hours to Live

hey arnold pilot artwork twenty four hours live

You Miss Him Too, Huh?

abner pig helga pataki miss arnold artwork


hey arnold tribute artwork illustration

Toy Story

helga arnold crossover illustration toy story

Butterfly in Night

arnold helga pataki dancing fancy night

Let’s Bowl

sid rhonda hey arnold characters bowling illustration

Awakening Brunhilde

helga hey arnold folk tale vikings fan artwork

All Grown Up

hey arnold gerald helga pheobe adults artwork

Arnold’s Parents

helga pataki arnold shortman piggyback parents

Charming Valentine

arnold helga valentine cute fan artwork


hey arnold building roof helga meeting love

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