Gallery of Final Fantasy XIII/XIII-2 Artwork & Illustrations


This newer saga in the Final Fantasy series has garnered a lot of attention. The original FF XIII game itself has been criticized for being linear, and the inclusion of a trilogy has never been done in any other FF. It is interesting to see how Square-Enix is working around with the story and continuing the Fabula Nova Crystallis timeline.

As such there are many artists on Pixiv who have been submitting their own work for years. I went through putting together this huge showcase of digital artwork + illustrations related to Final Fantasy XIII and XIII-2.

Ice Cream

lightning hope vanille break ice cream snack illustration

Assassin’s Creed Costume

lightning returns assassin creed costume artwork fanart

Light Sword

lightning sword energy weapon illustration

I’ve Got A Dream

sazh florist hope mime hobbies ff13 illustration serah lightning


yuel illustration blue hair ff13-2 character artwork

Hope’s Magic

hope estheim magic attack illustration holy fanart

New Friends

yellow chocobo hope estheim illustration artwork


nora group illustration gadot lebreau mebreau yuj characters

Close Ties

fang vanille pulse hugging illustration branded ff13

At The Tavern

sazh lightning snow vanille serah hope fang tavern drinking illustration

Fang’s Eidolon Bahamut

oerba yun fang summon eidolon bahamut illustration

Chocobo Love

baby chocobo sazh kiss love illustration silly ff13

A Small Mistake

ff13 sazh hair afro yoshi mario illustration fanart crossover

In GameStop

lightning buying video games gamestop illustration drawing

Serah & Noel Xmas

final fantasy christmas serah noel ff13 xiii-2 tree presents illustration

Summer Festival

paradigm shift summer festival final fantasy 13-2 artwork noel yuel

Serah & Snow

serah farron snow villiers dating illustration artwork

Claire Farron

resting lightning claire farron beautiful illustration shadows ff13

Snow vs. Rust Pudding

rust pudding red flan tomato japanese ff13 illustration


relationship dating hope lightning breakfast morning table illustration

Oerba Dia Vanille

oerba dia vanille pulse wildland illustration landscape

Crown of Flowers

yuel caius ff13-2 artwork fanart pixiv japanese


flash quick lightning ff13 sword battle stance illustration

Riding Chocobo-back

riding chocobo lightning artwork illustration japanese ff13

Time Travelers

serah noel time traveling ff13-2 video game chocobo illustration

Vanille Crystals

blue crystals vanille pulse lcie artwork

Together Again Someday

the girls ff13 vanille lightning serah fang artwork

A Well-Matched Pair

nicely dressed lightning hope estheim dress rose artwork couple

The Crystal Pillar

cocoon floating crystal frozen ff13 illustration fang vanille

Lightning with Odin

lightning summon eidolon odin artwork dark illustration

Happy New Years

kimono dresses japanese serah lightning farron illustration fanart

Dessert Love

dessert strawberry hope lightning romance in love cute

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

japanese artwork ff13 returns lightning ライトニング リターンズ ファイナルファンタジーXIII

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