Creative Dark Cloud and Dark Chronicle Artwork


Dark Cloud was an odd game released during the Spring of 2001. It was among the first few titles published for PlayStation 2 and it allowed players to re-build a missing town. The familiar RPG controls were beautiful, along with the scenery and much of the in-game music. The sequel Dark Cloud 2(Dark Chronicle in Japan) was released two years later.

With so many Japanese RPGs released over in the states, these types of games tend to fall into the cracks of history. People tend to forget about this stuff and move onto the next shiny console being released. However for those fans who love nostalgia, I’ve put together this wonderful gallery of Dark Cloud/Dark Chronicle fan artwork. These designs are a fun way to look back at the series and the many characters who developed such an enticing lovable video game.

Princess Monica

dark chronicle princess monica raybrandt illustration

Toan and the Guys

toan max fanart dark cloud 2 designs

Drawing Her Sword

monica fire sword battle dark cloud illustration


play time kids toan dark cloud chronicle sketch

Steve the Ridepod

steve ridepod jrpg dark chronicle max monica

Two Worlds Collide

professor layton dark cloud monica max artwork

Dark Chronicle Game Screen

dark chronicle online play video game logo artwork

Colorful Toan

toan illustration classic retro rpg gaming dark cloud

Blue Orb

dark cloud character toan orb hand wrist

Dark Cloud Cast

dark cloud toan xiao goro ruby ungaga osmond

After Dark.

dark cloud crew sleeping rest sketch illustration

Dark Cloud Wallpaper

dark cloud video game wallpaper toan night

Five Heroes

dark cloud cast heroes 5 members team artwork

The Dark Genie

dark cloud villain genie magic illustration

Happy Monica

monica dark chronicle fanart sword red hair

DC2 Max & Monica

max monica storm clouds illustration fanart

Max Illustration

notebook ballpoint pen colorful max dark chronicle

Ruby Red

genie ruby dark cloud fanart illustration

Seda and Sophia

seda sophia dark cloud characters illustration

Toan Crew(WIP)

toan xiao goro team sketch illustration fanart

Sun Giant Pilots

custom pilots sun giant dark cloud illustration

Toan and Xaio

toan xaio heroes dark cloud forest illustration

Dark Cloud 2 Monica

red hair braid monica dark cloud illustration

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