Nostalgic Donkey Kong Country Artwork & Illustrations


Looking back I can still remember my first time playing Super Nintendo. That system has such a library of video games spanning a multitude of genres. Donkey Kong Country happens to be one of my favorite series because it has survived the test of time. People can still look back to those games for the harmonious music, captivating background scenery, and unique levels which were squeezed into the 16-bit era of gaming.

Having originated from Japan there are still many East-Asian fans of the Donkey Kong series. But this is also true in western audiences where the Super Nintendo was a big seller. I went through Pixiv and put together a beautiful gallery of Donkey Kong Country artwork. All of these are fan-made pieces inspired by real scenes & characters from the 3 original DKC video games.

Treetop Tumble

dkc 3 treetop forest suipi fanart kiddy dixie kong

Crocodile Isle Map

donkey kong country 2 map island crocodile

Crystal Caves

dkc donkey kong crystals caverns ice levels

Dixie Kong

dixie kong dkc2 artwork banana illustration


dkc2 bees nest krazy kremland honey comb background

Ghostly Grove

gloomy gulch diddy dixie ghost rope dkc2

Klubba’s Kiosk

klubba crocodile isle lost worlds dkc2 fanart


classic dk donkey kong banana pile

The Kong Family

donkey diddy dixie kiddy dinky funky kong family

Human Dixie

realistic human dixie kong illustration

Wise Old Cranky

wise elder cranky kong monkey dkc fanart

Funky and Sableye

funky kong fanart pokemon sableye pokeballs

The Big Eater

eating banana king k rool fanart chunky

Kongo Bongo’s Banana Shake

diddy dixie kong sharing milkshake dkc2 fanart

The Lost World

dkc2 pay toll klubba lost world kong country diddy dixie

Forest Interlude

crocodile kremlings dkc2 forest background illustration


dkc2 donkey kong country diddy dixie partners

Rambi the Rhinoceros

donkey kong country riding rambi animal friend

Expresso the Ostrich

diddy kong riding expresso dkc2 country illustration

DKC3 Personification

dixie kiddy dinky kong humans dkc3 fanart

Dixie & Tiny

dixie and tiny kong artwork fanart

Krazy Kremland

dkc2 krazy kremland roller coaster level fanart

Kannon’s Klaim

dkc2 donkey kong country barrels mining background

Enguarde the Swordfish

enguarde underwater animal dkc2 donkey kong country fanart

Squawks the Parrot

squawks green parrot bird animal dkc friend

Donkey Kong Country 2

snes sequel dkc boss enemies fan artwork illustration

Cross-Cultural Battle

video game culture japanese fanart king k rool

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