Creative Tribal Earrings for Garish Outfits

Tribal fashion accessories are unique, captivating, and often very flashy. Accessorizing can be a lot of fun if you know the exact style you’re going for. I would typically expect girls to wear this stuff but fashion is not such a one-way street.

I really love these earrings because they are so odd in comparison to other styles in jewelry. This collection includes all custom hand-made tribal earrings from Etsy. Many of these items are published in multiple quantities with altered color schemes and patterns. Without ordering a set of earrings you can still appreciate the craftsmanship gone into creating these accessories.

Tibetan Carved Tooth

tibetan carved tooth silver earring jewelry

Leather Boho Earrings

tribal brown native american earrings etsy

Silver Pinwheel

womens earrings tribal design silver etsy

Assemblage Dangle

vintage tribal earrings assemblage etsy custom

Brass and Copper Rivets

custom tribal earrings set etsy riveted

Nomad Tribal Earrings

artisan czech glass etsy custom earrings tribal

Geometric Tribal Arrow

warrior arrow triangle tribal earrings

Blue Rustic Metal

rustic tribal blue gold coral stick earrings

Black Tribal Feathers

dark black feathers tribal labradorite gemstones etsy

Inlay Turquoise Long Chain

gold inlay turquoise earrings long tibetan jewelry

Tribal Hoops

gold turquoise hoop earrings tribal etsy

Eros’s Arrow

copper bronze bead arrows etsy tribal earrings

Spike Earrings

gold spike turquoise custom etsy boho earrings

Orange & Green Patterns

tribal earrings circles geometric orange green

Turquoise Beaded Earrings

tribal beaded bohemian earrings etsy

Long White Feather

long white earrings feather tribal design

Aqua Chandelier Teardrops

long chandelier teardrop briolettes tribal earrings

Mint Green Gemstone

green gemstone metal variscite earrings tribal etsy

Blue Peacock

bohemian chandelier tribal peacock earrings etsy

1960’s Tribal Vintage

silver tribe vintage earrings set silvertone etsy

Bohemian Brass

bohemian tribal brass etsy custom earrings

Cosmic Spring

assemblage raw amethyst chandelier tribal earrings

Ombre Feathers

ombre feather colorful earrings tribal etsy

Beaded Hoops

africa tribal beaded glass bone hoop earrings

Beaded Feather

brown green olive grey feather etsy earrings

Aztec Feather Earrings

suede leather aztec feather long etsy tribal earrings

Imperial Topaz Earrings

imperial topaz dangle etsy custom tribal earrings

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