Beautiful Fan Artwork of Lulu from Final Fantasy X

Final Fantasy 10 is one of the more popular titles coming out of Square-Enix. The game amassed a huge following outside of Japan which also got its own sequel titled Final Fantasy X-2. The virtual world of Spira feels very realistic and the character personalities are also quite in-depth.

I put together this gallery of fanart revolving around Lulu, a native resident of Besaid and the party’s black mage. She wears almost all black with countless belts and hair accessories. You often see her with a moogle toy or some other plush doll. Fans of the FFX series will love these alternative designs looking back at one of Final Fantasy’s more ominous characters.

Pencil Illustration

hand drawn custom lulu ff10 pencil illustration

FFX Lulu

digital fanart photoshop lulu final fantasy

Oversized Head

ffx lulu hair pins big head artwork

Summertime Lulu

lulu final fantasy 10 kimono summer fan illustration

Dark Witch

lulu fanart purple dark black witch geometric


lulu ffx mad upset angry moogle doll

Lake Macalania at Night

wakka lulu kissing lake macalania ffx

The 3 Girls

final fantasy 10 girls battle yuna rikku lulu

Crazy Hair

ffx lulu sketch pencil black white drawing fanart

Before Marriage

wakka lulu love fanart before married drawing

Chibi Lulu

final fantasy x tidus lulu chibi artwork

Caught in the Rain

tidus lulu rain shower fanart illustration

Water Magic

lulu black magic spell water element


lulu stuck caught belts tree japanese fanart

Auron & Lulu

sir auron and lulu final fantasy x illustration

Lost in Thought

japanese fan artwork lulu final fantasy x creative

The Ice Queen

lulu ffx black mage ice magic illustration

Plush Dolls

ffx lulu artwork dolls cactuar moogle cait sith moomba

Black & White Mages

final fantasy artwork collage black white magicians lulu

Lulu in Graffiti

lulu graffiti black white illustration fanart


moogle final fantasy x lulu halloween pumpkin fanart

Moogle Doll

purple artwork lulu moogle plush doll ffx

Dark Aura

lulu final fantasy 10 ffx dark illustration artwork

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