15 Best Animal Crossing Plushies

animal crossing plushies

The original Animal Crossing released in April 2001. It’s been well over 15 years and this series has gained more popularity than ever before.

And since it’s published by Nintendo it has a long line of merchandise including plushies of all the characters.

Some of these plushies will be valuable to collectors. Others can work as neat decorations for fans of the game or as toys for kids. I’ve curated the 15 best plushies featuring everyone’s favorite characters from Animal Crossing. This offers a fun nostalgic look back over this series, and many of these plushies are still sold online so you can pick up your favorites for yourself or your kids.

Sally Plush

sally doll plush animal crossing elephant

Forest Boy

animal crossing boy character fishing rod plush


animal crossing porter monkey plush toy


crazy redd market kitsune fox plush toy


copper animal crossing police dog plush


booker bulldog police animal crossing plush toy


isabelle shizue yellow dog animal crossing plush

Blathers, Brewster & Hopper

blathers owl brewster pigeon hopper penguin plush toys


reese pink llama plush toy doll animal crossing


wendell walrus travelling artist patterns plush

Postman Pete

post office bird pete animal crossing plush

KK Slider

wild world dog kk slider plush toy animal crossing


pascal red sea otter animal crossing plushie doll

Tom Nook

tom nook sweater animal crossing plushie doll

Mr. Resetti

mole animal crossing resetti angry banpresto plush

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