20 Amusing Futurama T-Shirts

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The pilot episode of Futurama original aired during 1999. It has been well over 10 years since this show premiered and it still has a tremendous fan base. Much like the cancellation of other FOX shows(Family Guy, Arrested Development) Futurama was cancelled after it’s 4th season in 2003. This brought about a wave of support from fans who wanted the show back on the air. And it was delivered in 2008 with four brand new movies, followed by new episodes coming out each year.

The cast of this TV show is what makes the situations beyond comedic. So the dialogue just builds on top of these characters generating very memorable scenes. I have checked through many various retailers online and put together this collection of 25 outstanding Futurama-based t-shirts. This sweet merch is perfect for any fans who really love showing off their support for one of the funniest animated sitcoms of the 21st century.

Planet Express(Light)

light grey planet express logo tshirt futurama

Planet Express(Dark)

dark planet express black tshirt logo merchandise

Don’t You Worry About Blank

dont worry about blank let me futurama tshirt

Zoidberg Face

pink zoidberg face tshirt futurama

Jake the Robot

adventure time futurama bender jake tshirt

Fryvis And Benderhead

beavis butt-head bender fry tshirt redbubble futurama

Retro Cartoon

classic retro futurama cartoon tshirt design black white


computer keys ctrl alt shift kill bender tshirt futurama

Mom’s Robot Oil

futurama moms old fashioned robot oil tshirt

Why Not Zoidberg?

futurama why not zoidberg tshirt black dark

Let’s Get Drunk(Brown)

bender robot drinking beer let's get drunk tshirt

Bite My Shiny Metal Ass

grey tshirt bender custom futurama artwork

Bender Marching Artwork

bender march poster artwork tshirt dark

Enjoy Slurm

futurama drink enjoy slurm black logo tshirt

I <3 New New York

i love new new york nny futurama tshirt

City Pose

fry bender leela futurama city pose tshirt light

Bender the Offender

futurama tshirt white bender offender girls robots

Fry Hill

fry king of the hill hank tshirt futurama

The Scary Door

the scary door tshirt dark futurama logo

Childhood Dreams

light tshirt dreams futurama fry phil drawing

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