18 Goofiest South Park Minor Characters

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If there’s any cartoon which has some of the most memorable supporting characters, it has to be South Park. It seems like every season is full of these minor characters that you tend to forget until re-watching episodes again. As an homage to the series’ ludicrous sense of humor I put together these 18 goofy character extras you’ll notice from various episodes.

1. Pioneer Paul

old pioneer paul village 1864 south park episode

This talented man who never breaks character was seen in the adventures of “Super Fun Time”. We learn to love his old-timey language and his 17th century demeanor. Yep, I think it’s fair to say we all learned a lot on that trip to Pioneer Village. And Pioneer Paul really saved the day by helping us figure out that darn lock code.

2. Dr Chinstrap

hypnotherapist doctor chinstrap south park inception character

Our good friend Dr. Chinstrap appears as a central character in S14E10 “Insheeption”. He is called into the school to help Stan deal with his hoarding problem. Eventually we find him and Mr. Mackey in counseling together. Chinstrap is an excellent psychiatrist who really digs down into the root of everybody’s hoarding problem. He’s also fantastic at providing background music for detailed explanations – you just gotta watch out for his weird gas bubbles.

3. Shrimp Fisherman

louisiana bp petroleum oil spill shrimp fisherman south park

How much can we say about this old fella? We see him in various news broadcasts during “Coon 2: Hindsight”. After the BP oil spill he quickly voices his opinions on the damage to the environment. Especially the damage done to his ska-rimp stand.

4. Mr. Adams

south park poor kid mr adams child protective services worker penn state

This guy adds so much dynamism into “The Poor Kid” that he practically makes the episode. Mr. Adams is the caseworker for Child Protective Services helping to relocate Kenny & his family, then followed by Cartman. He’s a lover of comedy and likes to have fun cracking jokes around the department. Penn State really takes a beating in this show, but I won’t ruin any of the classy punchlines.

5. Tuong Lu Kim

city wok guy south park tuong lu kim city airlines

He has appeared in many episodes as the infamous City Wok guy. We know him and love him throughout the series, but many fans also forget this is Butter’s therapist Dr. William Janus. He specializes in multiple personality disorder while also suffering from it himself. Once the town figures this out they decide it’s best to simply let him believe he is their local Chinese restaurant owner.

6. Josh from Big Orange Finance Company

south park big orange finance company josh carmex

Josh is the carmex guy you’ll remember from “Margaritaville”. Passionate, friendly personality and he seems like just a radical dude to hang with. His job is to find people who want to buy a frozen beverage machine but can’t afford one, and get them setup with investors on Wall Street who want to fund Margaritaville loan securities. Yeah.

7. Department of Interior Agents

jakovasaurs south park episode government department of interior agents

The straight-faced G-Men representing the Dept of Interior are seen in S03E04 “Jakovasaurs”. Everything to them seems like important official business. They appear to deal with the Jakovasaur immigration in South Park, which eventually gets settled by flying them over to France. The agents eventually leave by granting Cartman authority in the Department. Probably not the greatest decision in the world… but it all worked out fine, just fine.

8. Kyle Schwartz

kyle schwartz cousin south park nerdy jewish glasses

As the cousin to Kyle Broflovski we have this new Jewish Kyle who makes a fantastic guest appearance in a few episodes. He is first seen in “The Entity” where he comes out to visit his extended family The Broflovskis. The kid is always complaining, has a nasally voice, picky with food, and wishes to be an investment banker. Kyle’s poor athleticism is also played upon in “The Losing Edge”.

9. Sergeant Harrison Yates

sgt harrison yates south park county police department hand murderer

Many know Sgt Yates as the Park County Police Chief. He takes his job very seriously, whether he’s after kids pirating music or framing wealthy black men. Yates is a real professional through-and-through. We find his appearance in numerous episodes and side-appearances with the police force. One memorable scene is his department’s response to the child-teacher love affair of Ike Broflovski and Miss Stevenson.

10. Cable Company Employees

south park season 17 cable company nipples

These characters are found in the newer episode “Informative Murder Porn”. This cable company is never really willing to help out customers, and it gets them a little too excited. Basically excited enough to have removable nipple pockets sewn into their company shirts. These fellas get a real hard-on for customer support and they want everyone to know it.

11. Thumper

thumper skiing instructor aspen colorado south park

Just our friendly ski instructor you probably remember from “Asspen”. We learn such prominent techniques like the pizza, and the french fry. You don’t wanna get those confused though or you’re probably gonna have a bad time.

12. Mr. Donaldson

donaldson tourettes institute south park piss out my ass

Mr. Donaldson is from the Tourette’s Tolerance and Understanding Foundation in “Le Petit Tourette”. We learn that he coaches other kids with Tourette’s syndrome, and that he also suffers from the disorder himself. This guy keeps the guilt train rolling by feeding Cartman support and new ideas for his fake Tourette’s disorder.

13. Mayor of Imaginationland

mayor of imaginationland dreamfinder flying airship

As things start out happy for the Mayor of Imaginationland while searching for his Leprechaun, we eventually get to see this guy’s excruciating death play out in front of Butters. The Mayor is a true-blue kinda dude with a smile on his face and a melody in his heart. Personally I love his flying airship and the direct relation to the Disney character Dreamfinder.

14. The Hardly Boys

the hardly boys brothers solving mysteries south park

Just two young whippersnappers with a knack for solving mysteries. The Hardly Boys appear in S10E09 “Mystery of the Urinal Deuce” where they are trying to solve who dropped a chocolate hot dog in the boy’s urinal. Even the Park County police weren’t able to solve it. This eventually leads the boys into clues from every direction, and before you know it they’ve solved the mystery of 9/11. These brothers handle real mysteries even better than Scooby-Doo and the gang.

15. Baby Fark McGee-zax

baby fark mcgeezax kevern zaksor alien south park

The notorious space gangster Baby Fark McGee-zax(AKA Kevern Zaksor) is seen in the S13 episode “Pinewood Derby”. He lands on Earth with a spaceship full of space cash. The world’s leaders all agree to hoard this cash from the Intergalactic Police, which turns out to be one big ruse. And we all learn a lesson in the process… kinda.

16. Skeeter

skeeter orange hair south park redneck character southern country

Fans of the show definitely know about this lovable redneck. His first speaking role is in S03E06 “Sexual Harassment Panda” while getting drunk at the local bar. He is also a prominent pro-war supporter in South Park’s 100th episode special. Skeeter isn’t afraid to question 9/11, or blame those dastardly Goobacks that turk er jerbs.

17. South Park Mall Manager

south park mall manager office screenshot

Confused, irate, befuddled, and mostly disheveled, this Mall Manager seems to lack much ambition in life. He can be seen in S04E08 “Something You Can Do with Your Finger” as the boys ask for permission to perform on the Mall stage. But with this guy’s lack of confidence the boys eventually steamroll over his ill-seated desire for the exotic cheese cart. Hopefully we’ll get to see him again in some future episode.

18. Stephen Stotch

steven stotch butters father hamburger helper milk

Although Butter’s dad may not be a complete minor character, he doesn’t make such frequent appearances like the other boy’s families. This is a man who truly has little-to-no idea about raising kids. He thinks he is a native to Hawaii along with the rest of his family, and this is honestly a very strange family. Oh he’s also likely a repressed homosexual who drove his wife into mental distress through “little while lies” – which are sometimes appropriate according to Mr. Stotch. You know, like when you’d catch your father jacking off in a gay men’s bath house.

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