18 Date Ideas Around the World for the Travel Hacker [infographic]

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18 Alternative Date Ideas Around the World, Travel Hacker Friendly

Travel hacking is on the rise.  More and more people are finally realizing that travelling the world doesn’t have to be an expensive thing.  Adventure doesn’t have to cost any more than your current lifestyle.

This infographic is very much in line with travel hacking, but also really digs on the fact that there is an interesting alternative for every city you visit.  I’m not saying you shouldn’t visit the regular places, but consider learning the real gems of a city.  You don’t date to be a tourist.  You date because you’ve found someone special, so take them someplace special.

Thanks to Gifts.Co.Uk for permission to repost this graphic.

18 Alternative Date Ideas Around the World

18 Alternative Date Ideas Around the World

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