12 Harvest Moon Farm Animal Plushies

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Natsume is the publisher of Harvest Moon which originally came out in Japan for Super Nintendo. The game series has produced multiple titles for handheld and console systems which focus on building a farm with crops, animals, and eventually finding a love interest to marry. This sim life RPG game has a small yet dedicated following of fans who love this series because it is different than everything else on the market.

New game releases often come with a pre-order bonus of a special plush doll. This started way back in Japan before the games were ported over to North America but has continued even up into 2013. I have scoured the web putting together 12 of the most adorable Harvest Moon stuffed animal plushies ever released. Some of these can still be found in eBay auctions but the older toys are almost impossible to find even within Japan.

Baby Chick

baby chick yellow fluffy plush doll harvest moon

Original Cow (AWL)

japanese preorder cow special harvest moon

Newer Pre-Order Cow (ANB)

smaller cow plush doll harvest moon new beginning

12″ Premium Cow (ANB)

big plushie cow preorder a new beginning harvest moon

Plush Chicken (IoH)

harvest moon island of happiness plushie chicken hen

Alpaca (Two Towns)

tale of two towns alpaca doll plush harvest moon

Yak (ANB)

grey yak animal plushie harvest moon preorder

Horse (Grand Bazaar)

harvest moon grand bazaar horse plushie photo

Cat (DS Cute)

harvest moon cat preorder ds cute video game plushie

Pig (Sunshine Islands)

pink pig harvest moon plushie sunshine islands preorder

Duckling (Animal Parade)

special duck harvest moon animal parade preorder bonus


harvest moon wonderful life japan preorder mukumuku toy plush

Extra Cows

rare harvest moon cow plushies japanese unknown origin

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